Tiny Beautiful Things: Everything We Know So Far

Kathryn Hahn. That's it, that's the article.

In all seriousness, a new series starring the talented and hilarious actress has been picked up. Deadline recently announced that an adaptation of "Tiny Beautiful Things," an essay collection by writer Cheryl Strayed, is expected to run for eight episodes on the Hulu streaming service. Strayed initially wrote these essays as part of her "Dear Sugar" advice column on The Rumpus, which became popular due to her candid answers.

When the show was announced, Hulu Originals President Craig Erwich said in a statement the show will help instill "a sense of community and camaraderie at a moment we most [need] it," and we are hoping that is the case. Even if it turns out to be mushy beyond belief, at least we'll get Hahn in a new role. What's not positive about that?

Although details are currently scarce, here is what we do know about the upcoming "Tiny Beautiful Things" adaptation.

When and where to watch Tiny Beautiful Things

"Tiny Beautiful Things" will stream on Hulu, with a prospective release date currently unknown. However, it could arrive on the platform by the end of the year, although an early 2023 release date is probably more likely. It is also unclear whether the show will release all its episodes at once or if it'll have a weekly schedule — the platform has seen success with weekly releases with shows such as "The Handmaid's Tale" and "Under The Banner of Heaven," but there is always the possibility that all of the episodes will be released at the same time. It's the streaming age. Rules no longer exist.

However, Hulu wasn't always going to be the network that aired "Tiny Beautiful Things." In fact, rumblings of an adaptation go as far back as 2015. Deadline reported at the time that the show was being optioned at HBO, although things obviously did not move forward with the cable network. Hopefully, with a star and a strong creative team properly attached, this version of "Tiny Beautiful Things" will shine on our screens.

What Tiny Beautiful Things will be about

Thankfully, we do have a good idea of what the plot of this series will be about. Upon the show's announcement, its synopsis was also revealed:

"Tiny Beautiful Things is about a woman who reluctantly becomes Dear Sugar — an anonymous, revered advice columnist — when her own life is falling apart. Told in multiple timelines with astonishing intimacy, nerve and candor, she excavates the beauty, struggle and humor in her own life to show us that we are not beyond rescue, that it's our stories that will ultimately save us."

Now, this is a juicy story. It is expected to draw from the real life of Strayed, who unexpectedly took over the column at the behest of her friend, Steve Almond. It is also unclear what essays will be highlighted in the series, as there are a total of 56 published in the book. Given how we only have eight confirmed episodes, a multi-season series is a possibility if the show generates enough buzz.

What we know about the Tiny Beautiful Things cast and crew

So far, Kathryn Hahn is the only confirmed star of the series. It is not clear whether she will directly play Strayed or a new character based on the author. The involvement of Almond, as well as the actor that could play him in the series, is also unknown. However, it is pretty much a given that whoever Hahn ends up playing, audiences are going to fall in love with her, because she is Kathryn Hahn. Additional cast members, along with a production start date, will probably be announced soon.

We do know quite a bit about the behind-the-scenes talent, though. Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern are on-board the project as executive producers, with both Strayed and Hahn also taking up executive producing duties. Witherspoon, Dern, and Strayed previously worked together to adapt the latter's memoir "Wild" to the big screen in 2014. Liz Tigelaar will serve as the show's executive producer and creator, while other executive producers include Stacey Silverman and Jayme Lemons.

So, with all of this in mind, we just have one final plea. Can it please be a star-studded anthology where big names write to Hahn's character with relatable problems? It's what the people want.