Justin Lin To Direct Live-Action Adaptation Of One Punch Man For Sony

In case anyone was worried that Justin Lin was going to need to fill up his free time after leaving "Fast X," we've gotten word that he's found a replacement project that blows our wildest fantasy booking dreams out of the water. As was announced today, Justin Lin has taken on the directorial duties for "One Punch Man" at Sony Pictures. 

Based on the monumentally popular manga series of the same name, the "One Punch Man" live-action adaptation is being written by the team behind "Jumanji: The Next Level" and "Venom," Scott Rosenberg & Jeff Pinkner. Lin is said to be working with the duo on rewriting the script to more closely fit his vision, and will producing the film alongside Avi and Ari Arad of Arad Productions ("Spider-Man" series, "Iron Man," and "X-Men" film series). The film is said to begin production by the end of the year, fulfilling a desire that Hollywood has been desperately trying to accomplish for years.

"One Punch Man" is coming at a perfect time, as the manga is an absurdly hilarious and biting satire of all things superhero. The anime series became a global phenomenon, and if all goes well, Sony could very well have a hit franchise on their hands. The "One Punch Man" saga follows an aspiring superhero named Saitama who is so ungodly strong, he can destroy any foe with a single punch. As awesome as it sounds to be that overpowered, it's an awful boring life to never actually be challenged. Nabbing the director of five "Fast and the Furious" films who left for greener pastures just feels like good writing.

The perfect job for Justin Lin

Okay. Let's be honest. Hollywood doesn't have a great track record adapting manga and anime to live action, but every once in a while, they get it right. "One Punch Man" is a really interesting property to adapt because for the most part, it's a slice-of-life comedy with bursts of out-of-control action. Justin Lin's particular style of filmmaking is perfect for a story like this. The man has a proven track record of delivering absolutely bananacakes gonzo action sequences and ridiculous humor, but also has a knack for adding weight and importance to even the most mundane moments.

Despite what the loudest guy wearing the strongest cologne at your local Planet Fitness would have you believe, Lin's "Fast and Furious" films are all camp masterpieces. He knows exactly how to showcase hypermasculinity without it feeling grating, and as a film like "Better Luck Tomorrow" has shown, Lin can effortlessly create endearing characters out of people trying to chase the high of doing something more challenging than what their day-to-day life has to offer. Sure, there are still going to be people annoyed that they're adapting "One Punch Man" at all, but if Saitama had a say in it, we all know how he would feel.