The Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria Trailer: Survive The Fourth Age Of Middle-Earth In The New Video Game

I loved "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, but one thing I always wished was to see more of the Mines of Moria in their full glory. A new game is coming out that will allow you to help rescue the riches of Moria and rebuild some of what was lost. Today we have a new trailer for "The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria," which is a survival crafting game set in the Fourth Age of Middle-earth. The title comes to us from Free Range Games and North Beach Games. 

In the game, Lord Gimli Lockbearer summons you to take control of a group of Dwarves who must head to Moria or Khazad-dûm to get the riches that were lost when it became a tomb and a hideout for orcs and other things that go bump in the night. You can play solo or with friends online — your own Fellowship, as it were. Here's the thing though: You're digging in a place that was dug too deep in the first place. There are things in the dark, and the noise of mining is going to wake those things up. You can create cool gear, and check out the mysterious things down there — but beware.

Speak friend and enter

The game promises hordes of Orcs and the discovery of a secret, which is super cool. Then there is my favorite part, which is building a base. (Not in every game, but this is the sort of game it works for.) You can create some cool stuff, while keeping out the creepies. You'll help restore the place, battling what's still living there, make weaponry and armor, rebuild forges, and enchant things. 

There are magic artifacts, with swords that let you know when an Orc is near. We've seen one of those before in the films, if you recall. You can also hunt for Mithril veins, unearth metals and jewels. You can even customize your own Dwarf.

This really sounds like fun, and though it isn't coming out until the spring of 2023, we'll be deep into the new Prime Video series "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" by then, and we'll all be primed (sorry) to revisit Middle-earth in any way we can. It will be interesting to see if any other familiar characters pop up, though the website isn't mentioning any. A girl can dream, can't she?