Spyscape's Interactive Batman Experience To Open In New York City – Here Are Some Intriguing Details

If you've always dreamed of being Batman's sidekick, dream no more. The Caped Crusader is rappelling into the interactive experience Spyscape in New York City, where visitors will be able to put their detective skills to use to help him solve a mystery involving the criminal organization Leviathan. The Batman x Spyscape experience utilizes a smartphone app that guests and allies of the DC superhero will use to piece together clues in different areas of a museum installation made up to look like Leviathan's headquarters.

According to Variety, the organization's nefarious plan is "to take down some of DC's biggest superheroes," including the big three: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. This almost harkens back to what the villain Prometheus tried to do early in Grant Morrison and Howard Porter's run on the "Justice League" comic book title back in the mid-1990s. However, it's a different villain who is traditionally the one pulling the strings behind Leviathan (more on that in a second), while the story for Batman x Spyscape is written by Gail Simone, another DC Comics veteran known for her work on "Batgirl," among other titles.

Mona Kim Projects designed Batman x Spyscape, and the onetime Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, features in the story as her post-"Killing Joke" alter ego, Oracle. While visitors are in Leviathan's offices under the guise of a guided tour, Oracle "hacks Leviathan's security system, giving you access to the group's control center and labs to solve a string of kidnappings."

Through the Batman x Spyscape app, you'll receive messages from Batman and the Riddler. Comic book artist Jim Calafiore has done some art for the souvenir book, which you can see below.

Watch for falling cars

In DC Comics, Talia al Ghul (the character played by Marion Cotillard in "The Dark Knight Rises") founded Leviathan after striking out on her own and away from her dad Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins (who went by the less murderous name of the League of Shadows in "Batman Begins.") There's no mention of Talia in Variety's look at the Batman x Spyscape experience, but it's a safe bet she might be lurking in the background somewhere — along with Batman, who, alas, doesn't show up in person in the experience.

One thing that will make an appearance by the end of this month is Batman's car. No, not the Batmobile, but rather, Bruce Wayne's "much more subtle" Lamborghini, as seen in "The Dark Knight." It will reportedly be "suspended 50 feet above the lobby floor" at Spyscape, along with the Aston Martin DB5 that moviegoers saw Pierce Brosnan drive in his first James Bond outing, "GoldenEye," back in 1995. So, if you do make the trip to Gotham City (by way of midtown Manhattan) for Batman x Spyscape, be sure to watch for falling cars.

Tickets will initially be priced at $29, though they're expected to fetch somewhere in the neighborhood of $49 when all is said and done. Once you've made it through the experience, you'll also be able to take home the souvenir book, with a recap of your adventure and a comics-style rendering of your selfie.

Batman x Spyscape opens on Wednesday, June 8, 2022.