Raised By Wolves Canceled At HBO Max After Two Seasons, Series Star Tries To Rally Fans

With the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger, some HBO series were doomed to cancellation in part because of the reorganization within the company — but this one hurts. Variety confirmed that "Raised By Wolves" has been cancelled by HBO after two seasons. While it's not a huge surprise that the show was cancelled given how esoteric and weird it could be, it's still a real shame because it was some of the most original and innovative science fiction storytelling on television. 

"Raised by Wolves" existed at the weird intersection between science fiction and mythology, and I relished writing my weekly recaps because the show's world-building was so rich. "Raised by Wolves" may not have been a series for wide audiences, but it did find a devoted fanbase who are crushed to not get a chance to find out what happens with Mother (Amanda Collin), Father (Abubakar Salim), Marcus (Travis Fimmel), and their shared brood of human children that represent some of the last of humanity. The series often focused on how we find hope in hopeless situations — a message the fans are now living by. 

Father's rallying cry

Fans are understandably bummed, but over on Reddit, Salim is giving fans some very Father-like hope. The star is calling for fans to rally together and try to get the series picked up somewhere else, saying:

"So I'm asking for a favour. I'm on this Reddit a lot (stalking and reading) and I have seen the brilliantly powerful passion and love you all bring for this show. The debates, questions (so damn many) and genuine enjoyment for good storytelling ... I'm asking that you show that love, and have your voice heard throughout socials and help us find a new home."

He admits that it's a long shot, but points out that occasionally fan desire can force a studio's hand or inspire new interest from other studios, referencing instances like the release of "Zack Snyder's Justice League," better known as the "SnyderCut." While the "Raised by Wolves" fandom aren't quite as fervent, there still is an outside chance that an online campaign could help the show find a home somewhere. According to Salim's Reddit post, the series is fully planned out and ready to go, they just need to actually film the thing. For fans of weird, heady science-fiction, "Raised by Wolves" was a real treat. Fingers crossed that the series can find a new home, and hopefully one less hostile than Kepler-22b.