Cool Stuff: Here's The First Official Piece Of Indiana Jones 5 Merch

With a rollercoaster of a production process thanks to an ongoing global pandemic and its star suffering a devastating shoulder injury, the fifth "Indiana Jones" movie is currently in post-production and well on its way to hitting its June 2023 target for a theatrical release.

With over a year to go until that premiere, we still have no idea what James Mangold's long-gestating movie is about. Apparently, the Apollo 11 moon landing and Roman soldiers fit into the story somewhere. Also, there's been reports that a digitally de-aged Harrison Ford would make an appearance for some scenes. However, concrete plot details are still being kept incredibly under wraps.

But despite the shroud of secrecy surrounding the potentially final installment of the franchise, it looks like the first piece of official merchandise has already become available at the Happiest Place On Earth.

Hidden Treasure Uncovered

While perusing the racks at the World of Disney store in Disneyland, friend of /Film Reza Lackey discovered a brand new Indiana Jones shirt for sale. Printed on a grey shirt, the design features five silhouettes of the legendary adventurer in various poses with his iconic whip above the Roman numerals from one to five, each one representing a different film in the series.

Even though it's a pretty cool shirt, it doesn't give anything away about "Indy 5." More fairly generic merch like this is likely on the way to the Disney Parks and beyond in the coming months ahead of the movie's theatrical debut, but the timing of this shirt's release is the most curious part. We're one day away from this year's Star Wars Celebration, which is taking place a stone's throw away from Disneyland in Anaheim, California. On the con's schedule for day one is a panel called Lucasfilm's Studio Showcase. 

Celebration is typically a place that focuses primarily on "Star Wars," but the "Indiana Jones" series is also a prominent part of the Lucasfilm catalog. Could this be an indication that we might get some new information about Dr. Henry Jones Jr.'s latest adventure during the event? It's certainly possible. Maybe we'll even get the first trailer for the highly anticipated film. Or it's merely a coincidence since the theme park is the home of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, which houses the "Indiana Jones Adventure" attraction and a nearby gift shop that periodically needs new merchandise.

Coincidence or not, it's still exciting to know that we're getting closer and closer to the release of "Indiana Jones 5" after all this time. If anything does pop up at Star Wars Celebration, we'll be sure to keep our readers informed. Until then, get your leather jackets and fedoras ready for the film's arrival in theaters on June 30, 2023.