Better Call Saul Season 6 Part 2 Teaser: Maybe Don't Hold Your Breath For A Happy Ending

There was a lot of screaming, several dumbfounded moments of sheer disbelief, and an absolute refusal to accept what was happening — and that's just describing my mere reaction to the "Better Call Saul" mid-season finale, to say nothing of what actually went down during those final few minutes. Do I even need to point out that there will be massive spoilers to follow, if you haven't caught up on the last episode yet? Well, you've been warned!

So apparently creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould decided to go there. The first half of season 6 kicked off with a handful of thoroughly entertaining episodes, all of which were largely concerned with setting up Jimmy McGill's and Kim Wexler's long con to take the incorrigible Howard Hamlin down a peg or two in the most publicly humiliating way possible. Sure, the loose thread of Lalo Salamanca surviving last season's attempt on his life and going on his own vengeance tour against rival kingpin Gus Fring has hung heavy over the events on the cartel side of the plot. But the talented writing team — masters of misdirection that they are — successfully kept us viewers caught up in the guilty pleasures of seeing Slippin' Jimmy once again pull off the perfect scheme.

But who knew unsavory actions might have unforeseen consequences?! Howard's shocking death at Lalo's hands has left us on one hell of a cliffhanger, with only the very briefest of teases to keep us occupied until season 6 picks up again in July. Check it out below.

Better Call Saul trailer

After the glaring lack of any black-and-white flash-forwards during these first 7 episodes of the final season, which would've continued the story of "Gene" (a mustached Jimmy in hiding after the events of "Breaking Bad"), the concluding tease for the last half of the season picks up in Jimmy's apartment once again — though drained of all color and noticeably lacking any dead bodies laying on the floor. All we have to go on is Jimmy's ominous voiceover narration: "So ... after all that, a happy ending."

With only 6 episodes to go before "Better Call Saul" comes to its inevitable conclusion, we have to believe that dialogue is dripping in all sorts of irony. Howard has been unjustly killed and it's entirely the fault of Jimmy and Kim, Lalo once again has our favorite troublesome twosome cornered, the pieces are falling precipitously into place for Jimmy's final transformation into the soulless criminal lawyer (emphasis on criminal) Saul Goodman, and we still have no idea what might happen to Kim. Things aren't looking great right now, folks!

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until July 11, 2022, to find out what happens next. Taking its cues from the final season of "Breaking Bad," "Better Call Saul" has been chopped into two halves — presumably just to torture anxiety-ridden viewers like me. At this point, the creative team has certainly earned the benefit of the doubt and the payoffs to come in this final stretch of episodes will surely make the wait worth it.