Karl Urban Had Jack Quaid Afraid For His Life Behind The Scenes Of The Boys

Working with Karl Urban sounds like it can be kind of an adventure, though maybe not the kind that "The Boys" co-star Jack Quaid wanted to go on. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight along with fellow "The Boys" co-star Laz Alonso, Urban revealed that shooting one sequence on season 2 absolutely terrified Quaid, though when you find out why it's kind of hard to blame him. 

For one sequence in season 2, The Boys end up on a speedboat, zooming away from The Deep (Chase Crawford) and some killer sharks before crashing into a beached whale. In order to film the scene, the cast were actually in a speedboat helmed by Urban, with a helicopter flying overhead. It turns out that Quaid was a little shaken by Urban's driving, though at least he didn't actually send anyone through a whale. 

A whale of a time

Apparently, Urban is a big fan of fishing and other outdoor activities, and is a pretty talented boat driver. Instead of trying to film a professional driver on the boat and shooting around him or inserting Urban later, the production just let Urban drive, and he had no problem launching the vehicle across the water. The problem was that Quaid, the Hollywood-raised son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, hadn't really ever been on a speedboat before:

"This season has given Jack Quaid a lifelong fear of boats. [Showrunner] Eric Kripke put him in a speedboat that I was driving, and let me tell you, we were going fast, we were jumping waves and, you know, Jack's raised in Hollywood – I don't know if he'd ever been on the water before, let alone a boat that's airborne. You know, he had a safety word that he had to scream out if he ever felt unsafe – and it was Karl – and apparently he was, like – I was, you know, driving along and we're jumping waves, and he was going, 'Karl! Karl! Karl!'"

Using Urban's name as the safe word seems a little silly, but picturing Quaid screaming it repeatedly as they hop across the waves is pretty funny. It turns out that Urban had no idea that poor Quaid was terrified, however, and didn't realize until they had stopped the boat. 

Quittin' time for Quaid

In the scene, Quaid is on the very front of the boat. That's a pretty scary place to be even if you're used to speedboats, so it's not really a surprise he didn't feel like Leonardo DiCaprio in "Titanic" but more like Zoë Bell in "Death Proof." Since he was on the front of the boat, Urban couldn't see his face, and he couldn't hear Quaid's frightened screams of "Karl!", either:

" ...I couldn't see his face because he's facing forward, and I couldn't hear him because there was a helicopter shooting us, and the sound of the engine, but I remember at the end of one run looking over at Laz and he was fine, then look over at Jack and he is white as a sheet. And I thought he was just seasick or something, but no, he's actually in mortal fear of his very life. And so he's like, 'I'm tapping out okay, you guys go ahead, you guys go ahead I'm good.'"

Thankfully the crew got plenty of footage of Quaid on the boat, and he looks appropriately terrified about the whole thing. He's not actually going to crash into a sperm whale, but maybe riding at the front of a boat helmed by Judge Dredd is just as scary. Hopefully there aren't any boats in Quaid's future on season 3 of "The Boys," which premieres June 3, 2022 on Prime Video.