A New Season Of Black Mirror Is Finally In The Works

Netflix's "Black Mirror" had dipped out of the scene over the past three years, but the dystopian anthology series might be finally back for a sixth season, according to a new report by Variety. While there has been no official statement from Netflix about the new season of "Black Mirror" at the moment, the Variety report states that the latest season will be more "cinematic" in scope, with each entry being treated as a high-stakes project in its own right.

This is in line with the past few seasons of "Black Mirror," in which entries like "Striking Vipers" and "Nosedive" were fully-fleshed out stories with incredibly high production value and often, a stellar cast. While details about a sixth season are scarce right now, the casting process seems to be underway at the moment.

Will there be more entries like 'Bandersnatch?'

"Black Mirror" has always been an uneven experience as a whole, by virtue of being an anthology series that dives into a wide range of varying themes. This resulted in some episodes resonating more profoundly with audiences, such as "15 Million Merits" and "San Junipero" — the former digging into anti-capitalist themes, the latter being an emotionally complex tale that ends with a gut-punch.

Apart from the episodes that performed pretty well, such as "White Christmas" and "USS Callister," there's "Bandersnatch," the standalone, interactive event that resonated with audiences like never before. While this was not the first time that a visual medium offered an interactive, choose your own adventure route, "Bandersnatch" is a truly unique experience, offering choices that verge on the meta, diving into heavy, serious themes while also being able to pump the installment with meaningful pop culture references.

While it is unclear whether another interactive experience like "Bandersnatch" is on the cards soon, the return of "Black Mirror" is good news for fans of the anthology series. Perhaps, the show's hiatus was a good thing after all, allowing room for it to break its established pattern and offer something new, while still being able to churn out episodes that tug at the heartstrings and evoke poignant, philosophical conundrums. Or it could be gearing up to make things straight-up terrifying.

Interestingly, the rights to "Black Mirror" are now owned by Banijay Group, which has purportedly made it possible for the show to return again. Hopefully, we can see more subversive, yet thoughtful storylines that dig deep inside the human psyche in the upcoming season of "Black Mirror."

A release date for season 6 of "Black Mirror" has not been revealed as of yet.