Rosamund Pike To Star In Emerald Fennell's Next Movie, Saltburn

The newest project from Academy Award-winning filmmaker Emerald Fennell is heading our way, and Rosamund Pike ("Gone Girl," "I Care A Lot," "The Wheel of Time") is leading the cast. Joining Pike are Jacob Elordi ("Euphoria") and Barry Keoghan ("The Killing of a Sacred Deer") because Emerald Fennell loves us and wants us to be happy. 

The film, titled, "Saltburn," is said to be a story of "obsession." This gives us exactly zero insight as to what we can expect, but Pike, Elordi, and Keoghan are all exceptional performers when it comes to terrorizing their audiences with simultaneous allure, so there's a good chance that we're all going to have a moral crisis when we inevitably fall in love with characters that we know deep down are absolute monsters.

"Saltburn" is set to begin shooting sometime this summer in the U.K. with Fennell producing alongside Josey McNamara, Tom Ackerley, and Margot Robbie of LuckyChap Entertainment. MRC is taking a package for "Saltburn" to Cannes next week, and it's anticipated that the project will generate a bit of a bidding war. This is Fennell's follow-up to her feature directorial debut "Promising Young Woman," one of the most acclaimed and controversial films of 2020. Fennell is also known for being one of the former showrunners of "Killing Eve," and is also writing the upcoming "Zatanna" film for Warner Bros. The film also marks the biggest role for Elordi in a feature film after his breakout role as the worst boyfriend in history on "Euphoria."

Pretty people behaving badly

Since we know absolutely nothing about "Saltburn" outside an absolute banger of a cast, can we just take a second to highlight how unbelievably good Rosamund Pike, Jacob Elordi, and Barry Keoghan are at being devilishly horrible? Pike is a former Bond Girl who went on star in the "Good For Her" Fincher flick, "Gone Girl," but people absolutely haaaaaated Rosamund Pike in "I Care A Lot." It makes sense considering she's playing an atrocious villain who is stealing from vulnerable populations, but every moment she's on screen is captivating. Her villain streak is effortless, terrifying, and irresistible.

Barry Keoghan needs no introduction (in the past year alone he's starred in Marvel's "Eternals" and had a creepy cameo in Matt Reeves' "The Batman"), but Jacob Elordi is the wildcard one to watch in this crew. Unless you're watching "Euphoria," Eloridi is most known for his roles in "The Kissing Booth" romcoms and the erotic thriller "Deep Water." It's hard to put into words just how powerful Elordi's performance is as Nate Jacobs on "Euphoria," with his character frequently trending on Twitter due to fans actively wanting to beat the brakes off him after every episode. This trio is an absolute perfect combination, and with Fennell at the helm, we're surely in for a treat.