Cha Cha Real Smooth Trailer: Dakota Johnson Stars In Cooper Raiff's Rom-Com Sundance Darling

You look up one day and realize that college is over, you've settled for a truly bad job, and you're going nowhere fast. Who among us can't relate to that exact sort of young adult ennui! Writer, director, and actor Cooper Raiff takes direct aim at this profound sense of listlessness with "Cha Cha Real Smooth," fresh off of receiving critical acclaim with his feature debut "Shithouse" in 2020. 

"Cha Cha Real Smooth" already made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where /Film's Ben Pearson reviewed it in extremely positive terms:

"Cha Cha Real Smooth" might feel formulaic to those who have been tracking the evolution of the romantic comedy from its glossy '90s heyday to the more stripped-down, DIY iterations that have taken over in the last several years. But even if its archetypes might feel overly familiar, the formula works for a reason, and when anything is executed with such pure-hearted joy and affection for its characters, you can't help but smile.

Riding that wave of early buzz and since acquired by Apple TV+, the streaming studio has now released a new trailer for the indie rom-com that hopes to show why such positive reactions were well-earned. Based on the footage, "Cha Cha Real Smooth" certainly seems to have positioned itself as one of the year's leading contenders of low budget, feel-good, adult-oriented crowd-pleasers that we simply don't get nearly enough of these days. You can watch the trailer below.

Cha Cha Real Smooth trailer

It's time to get the party started and, for better or worse, that's where Cooper Raiff's "Jig Conductor" comes in. Having graduated college and already stuck in a dead-end job that takes advantage of his one useful skillset, Andrew's life seems all but over before it's even begun ... until everything changes when he meets Dakota Johnson's Domino and her autistic daughter Lola (Vanessa Burghardt). As Ben Pearson pointed out in his review, the structure and premise of this movie feels noticeably familiar, but the sensitive treatment of the subject matter and the melancholic tone of the story immediately help set "Cha Cha Real Smooth" apart from countless other examples of generic fluff.

Written, directed, and produced by Raiff, "Cha Cha Real Smooth" stars Raiff, Dakota Johnson, Odeya Rush, Brad Garrett, Leslie Mann, and first-time actors Vanessa Burghardt and Evan Assante. The film is set for a limited theatrical run and a wide release on Apple TV+ on June 17, 2022.

Fresh out of college and without a clear life path going forward, 22-year-old Andrew is stuck back at home with his family in New Jersey. But if there's one thing that belongs on his nonexistent résumé, it's how to get a party started, which lands him the perfect job of motivational dancing at the bar and bat mitzvahs for his younger brother's classmates. When Andrew befriends a local mom, Domino, and her daughter, Lola, he finally discovers a future he wants –- even if it might not be his own. Cooper Raiff writes, directs and stars alongside Dakota Johnson, Brad Garrett, Leslie Mann and newcomers Vanessa Burghardt and Evan Assante in this tale of unconventional love that brims with emotional honesty.