Chucky Season 2 Will Bring Back Devon Sawa

You know the saying: you can't keep a good guy down, and you can't keep Devon Sawa's "Chucky" characters dead. The actor revealed that he'll be returning for season 2 of the USA/Syfy series in an interview with Entertainment Weekly today, via a note from the killer doll himself.

"Dear Gavin Sawa," the actor read from a note credited to Chucky:

"I hope this email finds you well, I just want you to know that the only reason that you're here is because I allowed it. Have a great season 2. Love, Chucky. P.S. Just kidding, you suck."

That sounds like the murderous plaything we know and love, all right. Sawa's return to the series fits in with the Don Mancini show's campiness and wicked sense of humor, given that "Chucky" already killed him off twice in the first season. The actor appeared first as Lucas Wheeler, the queer protagonist Jake's (Zackary Arthur) abusive, homophobic dad who gets electrocuted by Chucky (with vomit used as a conductive agent, naturally) in the show's very first episode.

A three-for-one part

Sawa also stuck around to play Logan Wheeler, Lucas' wealthy twin brother who takes Jake in once he's orphaned. Later in the season, at Chucky's (Brad Dourif) behest, Lucas' teenage son Junior (Teo Briones) beats him to death — with a Chucky doll. Though the series' penchant for flashbacks could let Sawa play either Wheeler twin again, it turns out he's actually playing a third character in the new season. Could the Wheelers be triplets?

This isn't the first time the Chucky-verse has cast an actor in two parts. Across its seven-film run, Mancini's "Chucky" films have not only made the killer's bride and partner in crime, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) into a mainstay of the series, but it's made Tilly herself an integral character, too. Fiona Dourif also pulled double duty in the franchise, playing the lead in "Curse of Chucky" before reappearing in the new season–in an inspired, outrageous turn–as a younger version of doll-possessing serial killer Charles Lee Ray himself.

So, basically, if you're not watching "Chucky," you're missing out on a whole lot of thoroughly entertaining, inarguably queer mayhem. There's no word on who Sawa will play in the show's new season (although EW did confirm it's a new character), but at this point, I think we should all fill in some Mad Libs with wild ideas for how his latest iteration will die. Assuming he's another bad dude, I vote that this new character should "accidentally" get tangled in and suffocated by a Pride flag as orchestrated by Chuck and Tiff's kid Glen/Glenda, but that's just me.

"Chucky" season two will air on the USA and Syfy networks this fall, with a release date still to come.