Never Have I Ever Season 3 Gets A Premiere Date On Netflix

Whether you're Team Paxton or Team Ben, here's some good news for all of you. Season 3 of "Never Have I Ever" has revealed its official release date, promising the return of Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and her shenanigans during another school year (via Entertainment Weekly). Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, Netflix's "Never Have I Ever" was recently renewed for a fourth and final season, which is slated to premiere sometime in 2023.

A love triangle, more complications

At the end of season 2 of "Never Have I Ever," Devi and Paxton (Darren Barnet) officially get together after Paxton decides to make his relationship with Devi public at the end of the year school dance. While this is a long-awaited resolution to their dynamic, Ben (Jaren Lewison) comes to the harsh realization that Devi had wanted to choose him initially, but was talked out of it by her friends. Although Ben is dating Aneesa (Megan Suri), he wrestles with his feelings for Devi, whom he still has strong feelings for.

Lewison spoke to EW about this last-minute cliffhanger revelation for Ben, and what it means to navigate this "inner conflict:"

"That scene gave me goosebumps because I realized Ben has such an inner conflict that has just surfaced that he's now going to have to deal with. You're thinking, okay, he's kind of got this relationship with Aneesa going on. And it's like, can he continue putting his heart into that? Or is his heart in a different place? How do you navigate that? I'm really excited, fingers crossed, for season 3 to see that explored. It's a situation that we've never seen him in."

While the first two seasons of "Never Have I Ever" revolved around the Devi-Ben-Paxton romantic dynamic, season 3 could reinvigorate this trope by letting Devi have an arc less dependent on her amorous interests. The new season could also amp things up by introducing a third romantic interest — however, that would seem detrimental to the plot, given how things are already so overly complicated. Hopefully, season 3 will be able to go into greater depth in terms of Devi's sense of personal identity and freedom. And oh, copious amounts of teen angst.

Apart from the central trio, season 3 of "Never Have I Ever" will also see the return of series regulars Richa Moorjani, Poorna Jagannathan, Lee Rodriguez, and Ramona Young. Recurring cast members include Niecy Nash, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Alexandra Billings, and Christina Kartchner.

Season 3 of "Never Have I Ever" will be premiering on August 12, 2022, on Netflix.