Moon Knight Funko POPs Line-Up Adds Scarlet Scarab And A Couple Of Egyptian Gods

"Moon Knight" ended its six-episode run this week, though considering that ending, it would be absolutely shocking if this is the last time we see the Marvel character. Now, before we go any further, let's make one thing clear: this is a toy story, but toys often give spoilers, and this one is no different. If you haven't watched the final episode yet, do that before you check out these goodies. 

Today Funko posted three new toys on Instagram from the show, and they're super cool. Two are Target exclusives, and the other is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, which is something I haven't typed in several years (Time means nothing, so who can remember when the last one was?). There may only be three, but one commenter posted another idea, and if we don't get that one, I'll be shocked and appalled. They're asking for Taweret, and it seems like an obvious one. Funko, if you read this, please give us Taweret! I will give you my dollars in exchange.

Papa's little scarab is a superhero!

First up we have Scarlet Scarab. The Instagram post says, "Funko San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Reveal: Pop! Marvel: Marvel Studios' Moon Knight – Scarlet Scarab." So this one is coming to SDCC? Well, I guess I'll be standing in line with everyone else for this. Someone please bring snacks for the line. No word on how much this will cost, but I love the look. 

As you know if you've seen the finale, Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) becomes the avatar of Taweret, who has the best idea for a costume. Though the wings were maybe a little odd-looking in the actual show, they look very cool here. She's got the red scarab symbol at her throat, and the bladed wings, the leggings, and the armbands. I am very much looking forward to the cosplay for this Egyptian superhero (which was called out in the show, and was a lovely thing to hear). Fans who have been speculating since we heard that her father called her his "little scarab," and saw that red scarab on her band-aid in the hospital are happy! (FYI: In the comics, Abdul Faoul was Scarlet Scarab, so even her name was a clue.)

Adorable gods

The next post on Instagram gives us a look at the Temple of Khonshu Statue and the Ammit Funko. Khonshu is a Jumbo Size Pop! figure, but I don't believe Ammit is. It's hard to tell from the positions of the figures. Considering that final battle where she grows large after eating the souls she condemned for pre-crime, she probably should be. The figures are really cool, and according to the post, available for pre-order today on Here's what it says: "Make the Gods a part of your collection with Marvel Studios' Moon Knight – Temple of Khonshu Statue and Ammit! Pre-orders will be available today across a variety of retailers! Click the link in our stories!"

Now, about that pre-order. The post says you can get to the link through their Insta-story, but I clicked it, and it just takes you to the Funko page on Target's site. No place on there did I find the actual figures, and I searched for a long time. I looked at the post and I'm not alone. The commenters are saying the same. Hopefully, that's resolved soon, because I want these mini-Gods! 

The Khonshu statue is so cool-looking and even has the foot position of many ancient Egyptian statues. Ammit looks less menacing than she does on the show, and she has her headwrap and braids, as well as broken mummy wrappings on her face. 

"Moon Knight" is currently streaming on Disney+.