Everything Everywhere All At Once Drops 0% In Sixth Weekend At The Box Office

"Everything Everywhere All At Once" won big for original films this weekend. Daniels' multiverse-hopping fantasia saw a rare 0% loss over last weekend (per Forbes), even as it enters its sixth week in theaters. The steady profit is likely informed by a special limited IMAX engagement for the eye-popping film, which began Friday in the US.

The tremendously unique A24 movie has no doubt benefited from positive word of mouth and critical praise, but holding steady in week six is still a surprising and impressive feat for any film. "Everything Everywhere All At Once" has actually maintained a fairly strong trajectory since its March release, and is set to hit $35 million domestic gross this weekend according to Variety.

The movie, which had a reported budget of $25 million, is on track to enter the upper echelons of A24's box office winners. With no signs of slowing, it's possible the film could even overtake "Hereditary," which closed out its theatrical run with $44 million, to become the studio's third-highest-grossing film.

This movie deserves everything all at once

It makes sense that the Michelle Yeoh-led genre-bender has staying power: it's very, very good. The film, which sees Yeoh's laundromat owner Evelyn start shifting realities in the middle of an important tax appointment, is garnering some of the highest praise possible. Whether it's horror filmmaker Mike Flanagan tweeting that it's one of the best films he's seen in his life, or /Film's own Jacob Hall giving the film his first-ever 10/10 score, this movie is being talked about in the highest terms.

The new IMAX option courts return viewers and offers a chance to see the maximalist adventure in the most intense way possible. The engagement, which has already begun, is set to run for one week only in the U.S. and a similar engagement will begin May 4, 2022 in the U.K. In total, the film added 80 theaters this weekend, including IMAX and traditional screenings.

The 0% drop and the film's overall success are both clear wins for independent filmmaking, and they're wins the teetering industry needs right now. Other indie films, including Robert Eggers' Viking epic "The Northman", have fared poorly at the box office as audiences still largely refuse to show up for non-franchise movies. With the introduction of "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" next weekend, some smaller films will likely be swallowed up whole in the vortex of the latest Marvel offering. In the meantime, the triumph of "Everything Everywhere All At Once" continues to be a bright spot in the year's cinema landscape.

"Everything Everywhere All At Once" is in theaters and IMAX now.