The Muppet Movie Is Getting A Vinyl Soundtrack For The Lovers, The Dreamers, And You

Some vinyl collections are about to get four times cuter: The Muppets Studio and Walt Disney Records have just announced a collaboration that includes not one or two, but four variations of an LP for the soundtrack to the 1979 classic "The Muppet Movie." The decked out collection comes courtesy of iam8bit, and will be on sale April 26, 2022 according to the production company's Twitter account.

The collectible album is decked out for Muppet lovers, and look like a can't-miss for anyone who's a fan of colored vinyl and original album artwork. The new cover art is designed by illustrator and Muppet fan Kevin M. Wilson, who catches Kermit within a rainbow's rays. Jim Henson's famous frog sits on a log with a banjo, surrounded by lush greenery. The back of the album shows Kermit and Fozzie Bear on their car trip, approaching the movie's literal fork in the road.

A rainbow of LPs

This special item offers more than a pretty cover: it's also remastered especially for vinyl for the first time. Iam8bit's official product description explains:

We've rummaged backstage at The Muppet Theatre to dust off timeless recordings like the Oscar-nominated "Rainbow Connection" and the road trip ditty, "Movin' Right Along," sparing no executional detail to give this album the treatment it deserves.

The songs by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher are a pivotal part of not just one generation's childhoods, but many. The 1979 movie directed by James Frawley ushered Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal, and more onto the cinematic scene, and it remains indelible not only for its music and endearing sweetness, but also for its impressive practical effects.

The original '79 soundtrack includes the songs above, along with tracks like Gonzo's "I'm Going Back There Someday," and the finale piece, "The Magic Store." All of these songs appear to be intact for the 11-track vinyl, which is mastered by Dave Gardner and rings up for $29.99.

The product is also available in four variants, each of which sports a bright color to match a different much-loved Muppet. Kermit Green, which looks to be a frog-spotted lime green, will be available exclusively on the iam8bit site. Miss Piggy Pink, a perfectly pretty hot pink, will also be on the iam8bit site as well as at Just For Games. Meanwhile, Zaavi is offering the album in Animal Red, while Light in the Attic Studios exclusively offers a Scooter Yellow edition.

"The Muppet Movie" LP soundtrack will be available to order on April 26, 2022 via iam8bit. You can find a full list of the color options here.