Ghostbusters VR Teaser: You Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost In Sony's Upcoming Game

Get in the zone! The "Ghostbusters" zone! I know everyone and their mother has been dying for a VR release centered around their favorite paranormal IP, and finally, your friends at Sony and Meta have delivered! Forget about watching the plethora of "Ghostbusters" movies floating around, and don't worry about buying games that don't feel deeply in their core like total movie-tie in cash grabs, just strap on your gadgets and start hunting your very own ghosts. No ouija board or Zak Bagans-esque paraphernalia needed.

Mark Zuckerburg himself announced the game at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase on the highest of holidays, April 20, 2022. Published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and developed by nDreams, who have worked on titles like "Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity" and "Phantom: Covert Ops," the game will transport you right into the world of "Ghostbusters." What's this game called, you ask? Unless they're going to switch things up closer to the release date, it looks like it's just called "Ghostbusters VR," which ... I know names aren't everything but, come on guys. Give it a little flavor.

Set in San Francisco, in a new ghostbusting HQ, you'll be able to take down some big bad ghosts all while solving some sort of mystery that ties into the "Ghostbusters" franchise. You can play alone if you're feeling like kickstarting a particularly morose Friday night, or you can jump into the world of ghost VR with three friends and bust those ghosts together.

Bust your own ghosts!

Is it canon? Who knows! Do you care? Probably not, but nDreams seems pretty hyped about it. Here's what Tomas Gillo, their chief development officer, had to say about the whole affair via press release:

"With SPVR, we've found the perfect teammates to help bring a boundary-pushing multiplayer game to virtual reality ... In addition, our close collaboration with the creators of the "Ghostbusters" franchise at Ghost Corps, combined with our extensive experience creating rich, tactile and immersive VR will blow gamers and Ghostbusters fans away."

And of course, the folks at Meta are also hyped about it and all of the ghostbusting possibilities that will be available for their Quest 2 rig. Chris Jurney, who has the buck wild sounding job title of Metaverse director of publishing at Meta, had this to say via press release:

"Few franchises spark the imagination quite like "Ghostbusters," and it's even more exciting to imagine a fully featured Ghostbusters VR game ... This game will give the ultimate wish-fulfillment of catching ghosts in true Ghostbuster fashion, and we're excited to team up with Sony Pictures Virtual Reality to bring this universe to life on Quest 2."

It's quite possible this will be very fun and I'll play it while drunk at a party once and I will eat every one of these words, but it all just sounds kind of hokey. Of course, you can make your own call on this one, or you can appeal to an unearthly power. Take a look at the teaser trailer, pull out your EMF detectors, your ghost box, and yeah, maybe that ouija board, and let the spirits make the call for you. After all, 'busting does make you feel good.