Now You, Too, Can Have The Hot Dog Fingers From Everything Everywhere All At Once

If you've ever had the nagging sense that your fingers are too short, too functional, and not at all prone to being slathered in mustard and ketchup, A24 has the product for you! In celebration of the wide release of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert's mind-and-heart-melting new film "Everything Everywhere All At Once," the studio is releasing some truly unique merch. For just $36, you can now be the proud owner of a pair of officially licensed Hot Dog Finger Gloves.

To completely explain the nature of these latex frankfurter appendages to anyone who hasn't seen the film would be nigh impossible, but you can catch a glimpse of the on-screen version in the trailer for "Everything Everywhere All At Once" if you haven't been able to catch it in theaters. The movie, which is being widely praised as one of the year's best, follows a woman named Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) who suddenly develops the ability to pull from and shift into other realities within a vast multiverse.

Hot dog fingers! Get your hot dog fingers!

The hot dog fingers in "Everything Everywhere All At Once" begin as what seems like a throwaway bit, but hilariously persist through the movie and end up present at some of its most poignant moments. It's only right, then, that the indie studio known for creative tie-in merchandise like a $450 "The Green Knight" sword or "Mid90s" mini skateboards would go all out with the hot dog fingers.

The pair of gloves comes in a classic Oscar Mayer color, with a packaging design to match. This isn't the first time the creative team behind the film has perfectly parodied a brand; just yesterday A24 posted a series of posters inspired by the movie, including one celebrating another of the film's funniest moments that includes the word "Daniels" written with the signature Disney "D." Clearly, the movie's boundless creativity expands far beyond what viewers see on screen.

The gloves are advertised as a "one size fits most" novelty, with the tagline "Together, life can be so delicious!" The yellow and red packaging leans into the bit by including typical grocery information, tweaked a bit in honor of the movie. "Contents: 1 pair (10 fingers)" the label says, next to a package date that matches up with the film's March 25, 2022 release date. While I personally like my fingers the way they are, I'm secretly hoping Hot Dog Fingers become a TikTok trend, bringing more viewers to this awesome movie and making our own world one surreal, ridiculous step closer to the "Everything Everywhere All At Once" multiverse.

"Everything Everywhere All At Once" is in theaters now.