You Can Now Own Gawain's Sword From The Green Knight For A Measly $450

Many long-fabled legends around King Arthur promise that one fateful future day the 6th century legendary king will return, but in a stunning twist of 21st century fate, it's A24 who will finally allow us to take a piece of Arthurian Legend home. They're releasing a limited edition run of Gawain's sword from "The Green Knight," now allowing you to go on your own (hopefully safe) Arthurian adventures. There's no word, of course, if there will be a companion Green Knight axe, but it's still the perfect gift for the hopeful knight in your family.

Purchase thy worth or off with thy head

Gawain's sword, now available at the A24 shop, is now available in a limited edition run of 150 units. The Online Ceramics-made weapon is a 42" long sword with a 33 ¼" stainless steel blade. It's covered in debossed detailing, including the text "Prove thy worth, or off with thy head." The steel is perfect for all your mythical quest-going needs.

With the nouveau-Medieval offering comes a faux-leather sheath for when your adventuring days are done, and it can be yours for only $450. If an immortal leafy knight strolls into your Christmas Party throwing challenges about (the scene that sets Sir Gawain on his adventure), you'll be more than ready to defend yourself. We do not, of course, recommend you actually challenge a Green Knight with said sword, both for legal reasons and because it didn't work out so well for dear Gawain.

Much ado about a challenge

The sword itself is a replica of that used by Dev Patel's Gawain in David Lowery's A24 fantasy-drama "The Green Knight." In the film Gawain joins his uncle, King Arthur, around the Round Table for a Christmas feast. Their celebrations are interrupted when the Green Knight, a hulking armored warrior who looks more tree than human, rides in on horseback to issue a challenge. He tells the knights to find their bravest and inflict a wound upon him, and one year hence they must find him that the wound can be repaid. Gawain volunteers, brandishes the sword to take the Green Knight's head, and the Knight grabs his severed noggin and rides out to await his one year hence reprisal. 

It's a stunning, surreal fantasy epic, and one that feels thoroughly larger than life throughout. Of course, with this new A24 steel you'll be able to feel a little closer to the 14th century fantasy epic that inspired it, and hopefully your legend will last at least as long.