Girls 5Eva Season 2 Trailer: The New Season Takes The Stage In May

The Girls5eva are going to be famous 5eva, or at least for a second season. The trailer for the sophomore outing of Meredith Scardino's hilarious, underrated musical comedy is here, and it has all the makings of a certified platinum sitcom hit.

"Girls5eva" is a sitcom made by the team behind "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and "30 Rock," and that same wacky spirit shines in the latest promo. When viewers last saw them, the one-hit-wonder band Girls5eva had just delivered a showstopper reunion song and ditched their sleazy manager. Now, they have to deliver an album on a six-week timeline, all while coping with the specific woes of being aging female pop stars in the spotlight.

This show is catchy and hilarious

Every member of the group earns big laughs in the new spot, whether it's lesbian dentist Gloria (Paula Pell) noting her surprise that their new producer hasn't committed sexual misconduct yet, or airhead influencer Summer (Busy Philipps) trying to decide how wide to open her mouth in a music video. Sara Bareilles' New York mom Dawn plays straight to the others' chaos, but Summer reveals she wrote every song on the album, so the pressure is on for it to be well-received.

The same could be said about the series. Despite its joke-stuffed episodes and catchy songs, "Girls5eva" didn't exactly make a massive splash when it premiered last year, garnering one Emmy nomination and not quite lodging itself in the cultural zeitgeist the way producing team Tina Fey, Robert Carlock, and Jeff Richmond's shows usually do. Even as the show itself navigates the trickiness of hit-making and the fickleness of fame, I really hope season 2 finds the audience it deserves.

Luckily, "Girls5eva" puts its secret weapon front and center in the new trailer: Renée Elise Goldsberry plays the group's diva, Wickie, and the Broadway star makes every line delivery gut-bustlingly funny. Here, we see her look through her "riff Rolodex," checking a card before singing an impressive and dramatic run. The perfectly dressed drama queen also vamps for a photoshoot and takes lead on a new song (maybe called "Momentum"?) that the band performs live.

Unlike the first promo clip, this trailer also gives us some pretty juicy snippets of music. Despite parodying '90s pop songs–and the commodified culture of girl pop stars–throwbacks to the group's early days are always disarmingly catchy. This season it's no exception, as the girls sing a song that was never spell-checked about wanting a guy who's "rolling in some Doug."

We'll be singing along when "Girls5eva" season 2 debuts on Peacock on May 5, 2022.