Girls5Eva Season 2 Clip: The Girls Are Back!

Praise the girl band powers-that-be: "Girls5Eva" is back this May, and Peacock just released a new clip to hold us over until then. The joke-a-minute series from the team behind "30 Rock" was one of 2021's underrated gems, and its sophomore season is poised to continue plumbing the kooky, messed-up comedic depths of show biz and '90s stardom.

In this first look at the new season, Girls5Eva is flying high after making their comeback, only to find out Paula Pell's Gloria needs a knee replacement surgery that comes with a twelve-week recovery period. "Well, that's a momentum-murderer!" Gloria says, before asking the doctor to give her whatever "half-dead NFL players" take to keep going. As with so much of the show, this brief scene includes some hilarious tangents, including a flashback to when Wickie (Renée Elise Goldsberry) suffered from a burst gallbladder in the middle of a live Christmas special and started belting out "O Holy Night" to cover the pain.

The girls are finally famous again

Aside from being a total riot, "Girls5Eva" includes some of the most biting social commentary around when it comes to social expectations for women, both inside and outside of the entertainment industry. This clip hits on that right off the bat, when the doctor quips that if Gloria gets a second opinion, it will make her think she doesn't trust women doctors. The girls also ditched their trashy former manager Larry (Jonathan Hadary) last season, but now Dawn (Sara Bareilles) worries he was onto something when they realize they're trapped in a stacked and potentially dehumanizing press tour due to their newfound success.

While the women of "Girls5Eva" are fretting about how they'll cook dog food with Rachael Ray in their current state, I can't help but notice that a couple of things are missing from this clip. First, there's no mention of Ashley (Ashley Park), the group's fifth member whose death Gloria revealed may have been faked at the end of season 1. This seemed like a minor cliffhanger to leave the door open in case the show wanted to bring Ashley back, but if she does return, she's not here yet in this clip.

The clip is also sadly lacking in new music, but hopefully a future full trailer for the season will remedy that. "Girls5Eva" is full of deeply catchy pop hooks, parody songs that are both funny and irresistible. The show's music is created by executive producer Jeff Richmond.

"Girls5Eva" will return on Peacock on May 5, 2022.