34% Of Star Wars Fans We Polled Said This Was Their Favorite Jedi From The Movies

It's quite simply an unspoken fact that every "Star Wars" fan has a favorite Jedi. Whether you're just a lover of the films or someone who devours every bit of canon and non-canon lore they can get their hands on you absolutely have an answer to this question. With the "Star Wars" universe growing with each new series it seems more and more likely we'll see new Jedi characters introduced. Case in point: "The Book of Boba Fett" mentioned the first Mandalorian Jedi in one of its episodes. But across the three trilogies, there is no shortage of Jedi to choose from. Though given the events of "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" there's only a handful to pick if you prefer your Jedi — well, alive.

We surveyed 612 people in the United States, asking them this pertinent of all "Star Wars" questions and to decide which Jedi from the movies was their all-time favorite.

A fan favorite, he is

It was a pretty decisive victory for Yoda, as he took first place with 34% of those surveyed choosing the little green Jedi Grand Master with an inverse speech pattern. We suppose it's not too surprising so many people favor Yoda. He's been a staple in the "Star Wars" universe since the beginning, playing the role of wise mentor to many of the saga's central Jedi. Though I wonder how much Yoda is getting a boost for reminding fans of everyone's new favorite and absolutely criminally adorable Grogu aka Baby Yoda. One thing's for sure: if Lucas had gone with the very first design for the 900-year-old Yoda, he wouldn't be a fan favorite so much as everyone's nightmare.

Somehow Qui-Gon Jinn ended up in last place, though that can't be a reflection on his exquisite haircut and beard in "The Phantom Menace." There are actually quite a few similarities between Yoda and Qui-Gon. But their shared sage-like demeanor and green lightsabers clearly didn't do much to help the latter Jedi Master's standings. Though tears will still forever be shed by me, myself, and I when Qui-Gon asks Obi-Wan Kenobi to promise he'll train Anakin Skywalker as he lies dying. But someone has to be in last place and the reality is Qui-Gon really only appears in one film, making him easy pickings when given other Jedi to choose from.

Ironically, Qui-Gon's apprentice Obi-Wan took second place. Possibly a sign of just how much nostalgia and excitement the character's solo Disney+ series is teasing out of fans. Though by no means does Obi-Wan not deserve it; alongside Anakin he is a kind of secondary protagonist in the prequels and only grew in importance with the "Clone Wars" series. Luke Skywalker gave Obi-Wan quite the competition, coming surprisingly in third, just three percent behind. 

The rest of the rankings were just as surprising, with Anakin trailing far behind his son with 5% and Rey *groan* Skywalker taking 4.90%. Looks like fans are trying to give a hint they're ready to move beyond a certain "Star Wars" family (looking at you, "The Rise of Skywalker"). But the biggest upset of all: Mace Windu earning just 4.58%. This is not the way to convince Samuel L. Jackson to resurrect the character people — though thankfully the actor seems pretty hell-bent on the possibility all on his own.