Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 Trailer: The Kaiju War Comes To An End

"Pacific Rim" remains one of Guillermo del Toro's best films, a love letter to anime and tokusatsu that recognizes the sheer joy in seeing giant robots punch giant monsters in the face. With references to everything from "Ultraman" and "Patlabor" to "Evangelion" and "Kamen Rider," the film is as exhilarating now as it was when it came out almost a decade ago. "Pacific Rim" is set in a world where giant monsters called Kaiju terrorize the planet. When missiles and nukes don't work, the only thing that can stop the Kaijus are giant robots known as Jaegers. But the Jaegers haven't helped much, and Kaiju have taken over the entire Australian continent, which has become a "Mad Max" style wasteland. 

That's where the story of "Pacific Rim: The Black" anime show begins, and it is all coming to an end. After announcing the show was ending with its second season, Netflix has released the first trailer for "Pacific Rim: The Black" season 2, teasing the final battle between humans and Kaijus.

Get in the Jaeger, Shinji!

The trailer above doesn't do much to remind you of what happened in the first season of "Pacific Rim: The Black," but it does show enough to make me interested in what will happen this season. This is mostly due to the human/Kaiju hybrid at the center of this season's story. That hybrid is the most exciting concept the anime adds to the lore of the films, and it seems the season will explore it in-depth, as we see siblings Taylor and Hayley on the run from a cult of Kaiju worshippers to praise the boy as their messiah. Of course, any "Pacific Rim" story needs to have great action, and the trailer seems to indicate that studio Polygon Pictures will deliver on the fight scenes.

"Pacific Rim: The Black" season 2 premieres on Netflix on April 19, 2022. 

Here is the synopsis for the new season.

"In the epic series conclusion of 'Pacific Rim: The Black' (S2), the journey is far from over. Our brave siblings Taylor and Hayley still hope to reach the safety of Sydney aboard Atlas Destroyer, the scaled-down training Jaeger left behind when Australia was evacuated. With teenage assassin Mei and the mysterious human/kaiju hybrid bOy joining Taylor and Hayley, this makeshift family must cross a dangerous territory controlled by the bloodthirsty cult Sisters of the Kaiju. These zealots, led by the enigmatic High Priestess, are convinced that bOy is their long-awaited Messiah and will stop at nothing to indoctrinate him into their dark circle – something Hayley would sacrifice everything to prevent."