Chris Hemsworth Teases A Peaceful, Not-At-All Violent Scene In Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth is returning to the role of Tyler Rake, the black ops mercenary from "Extraction." The sequel wasn't an easy thing to explain, as Tyler was shot and had fallen off a huge bridge into the river at the end of the first film. But miraculously, he didn't die. When you have the most watched film to date on Netflix (as of April 2020), you find a way to survive. Tyler did, which we saw during a tease released by Netflix during their Tudum event in September, 2021. He opened his eyes underwater, and came back like the cat from that creepy children's song. It was teased at the end of the first film with a shadowy figure appearing next to Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) as he swims in the pool, but it wasn't a certainty. 

Now Hemsworth has a scene for us from the set of "Extraction 2," and it appears that this film will be just as brutal as the last one. Hemsworth posted a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram that it appears someone else is filming. I guess when you're Chris Hemsworth, they let you show stuff on social media like that. 

Just in case someone is able to get mad at that pretty face and makes him take it down, I'll share with you what we're seeing. 

'Another quiet night on Extraction'

In the post, Hemsworth writes, "Just another day on Extraction 2!!🔥🔥 @samhargrave @netflix @therussobrothers"

What we see is Hemsworth wearing what appears to be a tactical jacket with blood placed just so on his forehead. He's standing behind masked crew members, and in front of them we see what looks like a large outdoor square. It's full of people, though some of them also seem to be crew. There are flames shooting up from two places, maybe torches. "Action" is yelled, and a riot is in full swing, with what appear to be riot police in helmets hitting people with billy clubs. It's chaos, and it looks like a blast. 

In the video, Hemsworth says, "Another quiet night on 'Extraction.' Peaceful, serene ... crazy." He says something else at the end of the video, but the fighting is too loud to make it out. 

"Extraction 2" began shooting back in December, with the Russo brothers tweeted a first-day-of-shooting video with a bloodied Hemsworth in Prague (and director Sam Hargrave in the shot as well) talking about how two things are different this time around. One, he said, was that it was very cold (it's snowing in the video), and two, he's alive. 

The film will be released some time in 2022 on Netflix. Everyone go watch it when it does, and we'll see if Tyler has another life left in him.