Hans Zimmer's Stunning Dune Soundtrack Gets Two Separate Vinyl Releases From Mondo

Is homesickness for Arrakis getting you down? It's been months since Denis Villeneuve's latest epic hit the big screen, and though "Dune: Part Two" is now confirmed with a complete script and an exciting new cast addition, we still have over a year to wait before the trippy sand wars continue (the sequel is expected to hit theaters on October 20, 2023). Endlessly playing "Dune" on a loop is one way to ease your sufferings, but might I suggest an alternative: disappear into the harsh desert planet of Arrakis via the transporting soundtrack from legendary composer, Hans Zimmer.

Return to Arrakis with Hans Zimmer

In less than a week, we'll learn if Hans Zimmer's already award-winning score for "Dune" will earn him his second Academy Award for Best Original Score. Unfortunately, we may not get to see this win for ourselves, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other ways to celebrate. Mondo has just announced the vinyl release of the "Dune" soundtrack 2XLP, along with a black vinyl repress of their previously released edition, "Dune Sketchbook 3XLP." 

The 2XLP set comes in packaging that features artwork from Greg Ruth, showing off the sand-covered chaos of Arrakis, as well as stunning black-and-white illustrations of Chani (Zendaya) and Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson). The album itself is pressed on sand-colored vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve. 

The "Dune" score really takes the sounds of sci-fi to their absolute extreme, mixing traditionally electronic and orchestral elements with more unique elements: this includes Cubanese instruments created just for this project and ethereally distorted human voices, singing in a language developed by Zimmer himself. The effect is haunting and otherworldly, impeccably setting the tone for Paul Atreides' tale as he navigates his "Chosen One" destiny in a far off-world.

This new release also comes with the news that "The Dune Sketchbook – Music From The Soundtrack 3XLP" is back in stock. This exclusive vinyl presentation also features artwork from Greg Ruth and clocks in at an impressive 100 minutes across only nine tracks. Per Mondo, "it features all of Hans Zimmer's typical bombast and deafening drums. These extended cues feature huge swathes of arpeggiated synths, vocal chants and rumbling bagpipes, moods run from ethereal to ominous, wistful to sorrowful and always become huge dramatic, loud and disorientating (sometimes all within the same cue). It truly is an epic for our times, and proves once again Hans Zimmer's status as one of the world's greatest living composers."

These new Mondo pressings are almost as rare as the spice of Arrakis itself, with a limited number of pressings and a purchase limit of one per person. Both releases go on sale on Wednesday at 12 P.M. CT.