Ti West Teases What To Expect From A Potential Sequel To X

Ti West's latest film "X" is a hit with critics and fans alike since it premiered at the SXSW festival. At the time of this writing, it's at 95 percent with critics and 77 percent with fans on Rotten Tomatoes. If you've seen it and loved it, you've probably heard that a prequel entitled "Pearl" was written by West during quarantine, and shot in secret. "X" is the first film for West in almost a decade, so this is pretty fantastic. When the film premiered at SXSW, there was a surprise teaser for "Pearl," according to an IndieWire interview with West.

But wait, as they say in infomercials, that's not all. West also told the site that there is a possible third movie happening, which will be a sequel. "X" is about a group of filmmakers, actors, and crew making an independent porn movie at a secluded cabin in Texas, and Mia Goth plays both the lead actress in the porn flick. Without giving you spoilers, the prequel also stars Mia Goth. West told the site that they shot the prequel right after the original film because they were in New Zealand, which wasn't the worst place to be during quarantine. So, what about that sequel?

Here's what the potential sequel will explore

West told the site that he's currently writing the sequel to the A24 film. He said: 

"If people wonder what the backstory to 'X' is, well, I know all of it. That one will be about how home video has affected people. I'm very proud of these. They're super different and very out-of-nowhere. You won't need to see one to see the other but they do complement each other."

He also said the sequel will explore another filmmaking era, as "X" explores the late '70s with its indie filmmaking. "Pearl" will reportedly take place during the time the couple's cabin from "X" was a boarding house in WWII. Though I haven't seen this one yet, and I'm not always a huge horror person, it's intriguing. I have yet to hear a negative thing about it from people who have seen it. It's hard to argue with that!

"X" stars Mia Goth, Martin Henderson, Brittany Snow, Jenny Ortega, Scott Mescudi, Owen Campbell, and Stephen Ure. The film is currently in theaters.