West Side Story Star Rachel Zegler Says She Wasn't Invited To The Oscars

What's it take to get an invite to the Academy Awards? Apparently, starring in Steven Spielberg's "West Side Story," which has been nominated for seven awards including Best Picture, isn't enough. That's the way the cookie crumbles, anyway, for Rachel Zegler, who plays Maria, the Juliet analog in this remake of the musical based on Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."

Zegler is an active presence on social media, and she recently posted some photos on Instagram, including one of her in a dress for an awards ceremony. When a fan commented that they couldn't wait to see what she wears on Oscar night, Zegler replied, "I'm not invited so sweatpants and my boyfriend's flannel." In the followup replies (via ComicBook.com), Zegler added:

"I have tried it all but it doesn't seem to be happening :') I will root for West Side Story from my couch and be proud of the work we so tirelessly did 3 years ago. I hope some last minute miracle occurs and I can celebrate our film in person but hey, that's how it goes sometimes, I guess. Thanks for all the shock and outrage- I'm disappointed, too. But that's okay. So proud of our movie."

Can we make that 'last minute miracle' happen?

As this story gains traction and the requisite online "shock and outrage" further grows, I'm willing to bet that some "last minute miracle" does indeed occur enabling Zegler to attend the Oscars. It might be a necessary bit of damage control for the Academy, which has already shown that it is trying to appeal to a younger audience and engage social media users, with the announcement of the new #OscarsFanFavorite category being accompanied by a statement from a representative saying they are "thrilled to partner with Twitter to help build an engaged and excited digital audience leading up to this year's ceremony."

According to The Los Angeles Times (via ComicBook.com), Oscar nominees each usually get a plus-one for the ceremony, and if they want to ask for another pair of tickets, they can make that a plus-three. Zegler herself isn't nominated for an award, but even if the Academy doesn't reach out with a last-minute invite for her, maybe someone else who is associated with the film — like Spielberg himself, who is up for Best Director — can add her as a member of their plus-three.

It's not just official nominees who will fill the Dolby Theatre, the venue in Hollywood, California, where the Oscars are held every year. There are also seats "for the show's broadcast network (ABC), the telecast's sponsors, the production team, the accountants, the legal team, media, Academy Museum donors, and various dignitaries."

Still, on the awards circuit thus far, Zegler and her co-stars, Mike Faist and Ariana DeBose (the latter of whom is nominated for Best Supporting Actress), have been the face of "West Side Story"—moreso than Ansel Elgort, who has faded to the background a bit, perhaps due to past allegations against him. Zegler did win a Golden Globe already for her performance in "West Side Story," but as one of the film's co-leads, it feels like she should at least have the option to be there at the ceremony on Oscar night.