Sebastian Stan's Comments About His Pam & Tommy Nude Scenes Will Make You Love Him Even More

The full-frontal nude scene in the second episode of "Pam & Tommy" is a lot. It's taken straight from Tommy Lee's autobiography, but watching star Sebastian Stan have a drug-induced conversation with his penis, voiced by Jason Mantzoukas, is one seriously bizarre moment. It's also sort of refreshing, putting the series' main male protagonist in a very vulnerable place. Nude scenes are pretty commonplace for women in the industry, but are surprisingly less common for their male counterparts, unless his name is Ewan McGregor. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stan discussed the decisions behind the scene and his comfort with nudity, and if you weren't already a Stan stan, you will be.

'It's our turn now.'

There's been a trend towards more male full-frontal nudity in both movies and television, a trend that I thoroughly appreciate as an adult human male enthusiast. While the "Jackass" guys were way ahead of the trend and have been dropping trou onscreen since 2002, it appears that the rest of Hollywood is finally catching up. In recent years, we've seen stars like Chris Pine and Jack Reynor do full-frontal scenes in "Outlaw King" and "Midsommar," respectively, and the nude scenes on TV and streaming have been even more numerous. Reynor advocated for as much nudity in his scene as possible, because he loved how much the scene subverted the way women are often humiliated for the viewer's titillation in horror movies. 

Stan expressed similar sentiments, telling The Hollywood Reporter that as long as the nudity serves the story, he doesn't "doesn't even think twice" about doing nude scenes anymore:

"I feel that women have to have had to do it for so long, and now, it's almost like, well, OK, it's our turn now. [I'll do it] if it's not salacious and not purely for grabbing-attention purposes. [...] As long as it's being approached from a conversational point of view, where everyone agrees on what it is and we're all on the same page, then I think it is OK."

Equal-opportunity nudity is great, honestly, and it's lovely to hear stars like Stan embracing a world where more than just female flesh is on display. While some might question the rise in male nudity and whether or not it's just crude objectification, women have been forced to bare it all far too often for way too long without much in the way of reciprocation, so it feels fair. As long as everyone's a consenting adult, then it's time for a pants-off party on TV. Long live 2022, the year of the talking wiener.