Robert Pattinson's Favorite Batman Villain Is Predictably Ridiculous

Ah, of course, Robert Pattinson's favorite Batman villain is as predictably unhinged as one might think it to be. In an interview with "Brut México (via Screen Rant) Pattinson revealed that his absolute favorite villain among the caped crusader's otherwise formidable rogues gallery is none other than Condiment King. This is understandably baffling but also perfectly in keeping with Pattinson's persona, which is undoubtedly a gift that keeps on giving.

All hail the Mustard Man

Created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for "Batman: The Animated Series," Condiment King, as evident from his, erm, name, uses a wide variety of condiments to incapacitate his rivals, sometimes even succeeding in causing anaphylactic shock in victims. While this sounds extremely silly, and the villain's villainous methods are a source of comic relief in "Batman: The Animated Series," Condiment Man's mind was taken control of by the Joker at some point, who forced him to wield condiments as weapons to various degrees of success in the first place.

The fact that Pattinson chose Condiment Man out of any Gotham villain is no surprise, even for co-star Zoë Kravitz, who muses "you're really sticking with this." The reason why Pattinson finds Condiment King so intriguing is apparently rooted in his ketchup-spraying abilities:

"I just think it is the greatest idea that a guy just sprays mustard and ketchup at people. I just think it is such a great idea for a bad guy."

Why, of course! Nothing is more formidable than a guy turning up to an upscale restaurant and threatening the patrons with condiments (this is actually what happens in the "Harley Quinn" animated series). After he is not taken seriously by anyone, Condiment King pulls out the big guns and starts attacking the patrons with packets of hot sauce (no, really). In the comics, Condiment King's real name is Mitchell Mayo, and it makes sense as to why the Joker would use his mind control tactics in the manner he did, as it sure makes for a (sort-of) sick joke.

While Pattinson's favorite villain might not be as layered as the Joker, or as unrelenting as Deathstroke, Condiment King peaked his potential in "Birds of Prey" #37, wherein he learns a thing or two from Poison Ivy and concocts a recipe capable of producing anaphylactic shock. Even the likes of Black Canary and Robin were victims of the same, and it would surely be hilarious if Condiment King were to show in "The Batman" sequel (the probability is nil, but it sure is an entertaining premise).

"The Batman" is currently playing in theaters.