Pamela Anderson Documentary Coming To Netflix From Ask Dr. Ruth Director

Netflix is getting in on the Pamela Anderson phenomenon, and in a juicy twist, the streaming service project comes with the pop culture icon's full seal of approval. Hulu's "Pam & Tommy" series has been making waves recently for bringing the tumultuous relationship between Pamela Anderson and ex-husband Tommy Lee — not to mention all the messy baggage that was delivered into the gawking public eye once their sex tape was leaked — back to the forefront of everyone's minds, with Anderson portrayed by actor Lily James and Lee by Sebastian Stan. /Film's Chris Evangelista described the series in his review as, often funny and surprisingly sweet trip back to the 1990s. It is a love story, a heist story, a story of fame and excess. It has an almost unusual level of empathy for many of its characters, even the ones who could easily be classified as full-blown scumbags.

The controversy, however, comes from the fact that Pamela Anderson herself (understandably) didn't find her portrayal in the Hulu series flattering in the least, going so far as to swear off ever watching "Pam & Tommy" after ignoring attempts by the production team to consult with her. If it feels kind of gross that a show about a woman having consent and agency stripped away from her in such callous and invasive fashion didn't manage to secure her consent or guarantee or agency in the actual telling of her story, well, you're not alone.

That said, things couldn't possibly seem more different when it comes to an upcoming Netflix documentary about Pamela Anderson. The streaming service announced the project with filmmaker Ryan White attached to direct and, according to Deadline, the project has been in the works for years. Anderson herself has provided exclusive access to the production, which will include rare archival footage of the star along with her own personal journals.

The definitive documentary

The currently untitled Netflix special will be directed by documentary filmmaker Ryan White, known for "Ask Dr. Ruth" and "The Keepers," with Deadline reporting that the production has been described as "the definitive documentary" on the famous "Baywatch" actor. White will produce the series along with Jessica Hargrave, Julia Nottingham, and Pamela Anderson's son, Brandon Thomas Lee. As for Anderson's own thoughts on the series, well, you don't have to look very far to realize how she feels about this in comparison with "Pam & Tommy." The star recently took to Instagram to tease the Netflix project, vaguely alluding to "misperceptions" and the chance to "tell the real story." Check out her full post below.

It'll be fascinating to compare the two very different projects once this Netflix documentary ultimately premieres, with viewers knowing that Pamela Anderson's direct involvement should result in the star getting the chance to reclaim this dark period in her life for herself. The conversation about who has the "right" to tell a real-life public figure's story without their full approval is a complicated one, further exacerbated by the #MeToo reality that's inherent within Anderson's story of having her privacy and bodily autonomy forcibly disrespected for the world to see. At the very least, more Pamela Anderson can't be a bad thing.

Stay tuned to /Film for more updates on this documentary as they come in.