Computer School, From The Creators Of I Think You Should Leave, Heading For HBO Max

Grab your Dan Flashes shirt and dive headfirst into the sprawling cinematic universe of "I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson," because the dream team behind the weirdest comedy show on Netflix is bringing their uncomfortably funny talents to HBO Max. According to Variety, Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin have brought their latest comedic offering, titled "Computer School," to the one and only Home Box Office where they are working on a pilot episode. 

Does this mean "I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson" is over? Will we see more Ford focus groups? Only time (and more press releases) will tell, but there are still a lot of very complicatedly patterned shirts to unpack here.

Just like their Netflix show, Robinson and Kanin will both serve as writers and executive producers for "Computer School," while Robinson will also star in the show. The series follows a high school grad and his older uncle (played by Robinson), who end up taking the same computer class in a Michigan suburb. Honestly, Robinson could play either of these roles (or both of these roles) and create something funny in a way that feels especially potent and impossible to pitch. That's the beauty of Robinson and Kanin — they keep (somehow) convincing people to give them money and we all benefit.

Slop 'em up

The pilot will be directed by Andrew Gaynord, who previously worked with Kanin and Robinson on their show "Detroiters," which starred Robinson and Sam Richardson (another "I Think You Should Leave" alum) as ad men in (surprise) Detroit. Beyond that, Gaynord has directed a few Netflix comedy series, including "The Characters" (which features a sketch episode by Robinson) and "Haters Back Off!." Details for the rest of the cast and crew are scant, but we do know that "Computer School" was originally sold to Hulu who ended up passing on the script before HBO Max jumped in the mix.

If this does spell the end for "I Think You Should Leave," at the very least, Robinson and Kanin are replacing it with a show that has the capacity to be just as funny. Also, it'll be interesting to see if "Computer School" feels more like "Detroiters" or if it maintains the pure unadulterated chaos of "I Think You Should Leave." Hopefully, it's a mix of the two, a show that marries the best of both worlds. 

Whatever happens to Robinson and Kanin's Netflix show, no one can ever stop us from sloppin' 'em up.