Stephen King Movie The Boogeyman Has Begun Filming

A short horror story Stephen King wrote in 1973 is finally getting the feature-length adaptation it deserves: Hulu's take on "The Boogeyman" has commenced filming in New Orleans, with an expected 2023 release date.

The movie has also rounded out its cast, which has shaped up to be a veritable who's who of actors we're always happy to see more of. "The Mindy Project" actor Chris Messina stars alongside Sophie Thatcher, the actress who brought young Natalie to life in last year's breakout show "Yellowjackets." "Bird Box" actress Vivien Lyra Blair, "The Suicide Squad" actor David Dastmalchian, "The Dark And The Wicked" lead Marin Ireland, and Disney Channel star Madison Hu will also appear in the film.

This story has been scary for half a century

"The Boogeyman" is one of King's earliest works, originally published in "Cavalier" magazine the same year that his first novel, "Carrie," hit shelves. The story later reappeared in his book "Night Shift," and has captivated fans and creators alike since. Short film versions of "The Boogeyman" were made in 1982 and 2010, but the story has never been made into a full-length feature — until now.

The film's official synopsis is distinctly different from that of the short story. While King's original tale features a man speaking with a psychiatrist about tragedies and terrors that have befallen his family, the new movie's plot is described as follows:

The story follows a 16-year old and her younger sister, still reeling from the death of their mother, who are targeted by a supernatural boogeyman after their father, a psychologist, has an encounter with a desperate patient in their house.

Any plot change-ups will likely be welcome ones, as King's nearly 50-year-old story features a few now-familiar horror beats along with some serious scares. I've no doubt "The Boogeyman" will be terrifying regardless, since "Host" filmmaker Rob Savage is on board as director. "Host," a supernatural horror movie that takes place entirely via video chat, debuted in 2020 and quickly (and accurately) became known as one of the scariest horror movies in years. Savage, then, seems like a perfect match for a King yarn that's steeped in dread like this one.

"The Boogeyman" is far from the only King adaptation in production. Several of the most interesting directors working in Hollywood are shaping up to make their own King movies, from Bryan Fuller's "Christine" to Edgar Wright's "The Running Man." We seem to be in a never-ending boom of King adaptations, and I, for one, am not complaining about it.

"The Boogeyman" will debut on Hulu in 2023.