Here Are Our Peacemaker Best Friend Rankings At The End Of Season 1

In the "Peacemaker" finale, Vigilante (Freddie Stroma) reveals that he's ranked all of his friendships, and naturally this inspired us to rank the friendship qualities of not only the 11th Street Kids, but some of their closest allies and enemies. 

To determine who would be the best friend of the bunch, I looked at their behavior across the whole first season — because Peacemaker (John Cena) in episode 1 is a very different kind of friend than he is in the finale. Each of the Kids have their friendship pros and cons, but only one can be the true Best Friend. 

Check out where everyone falls below, and figure out which of these funny and ferocious friendships you would want in your life. (Besides Eagly. Everyone wants an Eagly. That's cheating.)

SPOILERS for "The Suicide Squad" and "Peacemaker" season 1 from here on out!

1. John Economos is the Best Freaking Friend Forever

Who has two thumbs and a heart of gold? John Economos, that's who! He may dye his beard and lie about it, but otherwise this lovable nerd (played by Steve Agee, who also provided the motion capture performance for the similarly lovable King Shark in "The Suicide Squad") is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. His greatest sin in season 1 is framing Auggie (Robert Patrick) for killing the heavy metal girl Peacemaker hooked up with in the first episode — and honestly, who could blame him? Save your co-worker, lock up a hateful neo-Nazi supervillain, and everyone gets to go home happy. Well, except Auggie. 

Economos puts up with being the butt of a lot of jokes, and he also puts a ton of effort into a thankless job. That PowerPoint presentation may not have been award-winning, but it was clearly made with love. In a world where everyone's trying way too hard to look cool, John Economos marches to the beat of his own drum. He does what's right, he puts himself in danger and potential grievous bodily harm in the name of friendship, and he does it all in a wardrobe that includes a "Three Wolf Moon" shirt! Economos deserves better than to be sitting in a crummy office in Belle Reve by himself, and if he doesn't get a love interest or his own BFF in season 2, it's a crime. 

2. Leota Adebayo is a Very Good Friend

The main relationship at the heart of "Peacemaker" is the one between Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) and Peacemaker, whose real name is Christopher Smith. The two develop an unlikely friendship based in the fact that they're both trying to grow past their abusive upbringings. Peacemaker's dad is the white supremacist supervillain the White Dragon, while Adebayo's mom is Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), whom we know from "The Suicide Squad" is totally cool condemning an entire island nation to death because it will be more politically advantageous. 

Initially, Chris and Leota don't get along well, but they soon develop a deep bond. Adebayo's one major transgression comes when she plants a fake diary in Smith's apartment, on her mother's orders. She knows she's betraying her friend, but she does it because she's afraid of betraying her mother. While it's certainly a jerk move, it's one that comes with its own series of complications, and even Smith forgives her for it. When she goes on to out the entire Task Force X project and her mother's involvement, she clears whatever wrongdoing she did with the diary, and proves she's a darn good friend. Besides, you know she'll send you pictures of Emerson in his cute little outfits. 

3. Eagly is the Best Bird/Feathered Friend

The only reason Eagly isn't higher on this list is because you can't housebreak an eagle without breaking its spirit, and bird poop is really hard to get out of furniture. Other than that, he's perfection and should be given lots of chips. He'll even bring you lots of presents. 

4. Emilia Harcourt is the Friend You Have to Get to Know

Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) has a cold exterior, and a fairly cold interior — but beneath that, there's a squishy little nugget of love. Harcourt has forced herself to become hard because of a life working in black ops, but she's not a heartless monster. Her conversations with Adebayo about learning how to live with the moral challenges of their work are fantastic, and give us an idea about Harcourt's experiences. She's the kind of friend that takes a while to open up, but once she has your back, you know it's for life. Sometimes you need a friend that's willing to show you some tough love, as long as they also show you the regular kind sometimes. Bonus points if it's in a cute group chat. 

5. Sophie Song is the Friend Who's Slightly Too Real

Everyone should have at least one friend in their life who calls them out on their nonsense. Creating an echo chamber of people who only agree with you and hype you up is the sure way to end up making horrible life choices, so it's always good to have one realist to keep you humble. 

Sophie Song (Annie Chang) is one of the most no-nonsense police officer characters in TV history, and her dry sense of humor and deadpan delivery makes her a lovable side character. Unfortunately, Sophie dies when she's attacked by the Goff butterfly, but little bits of Sophie live on in the Goff-infected version ... at least until Peacemaker shoots her in the finale. Sophie's death is a sad one; alien bug possession aside, she's a cool character, a talented investigator, and a terrific friend. Who else would ever put up with Fitzgibbon's jokes? 

6. Peacemaker is the Friend You Constantly Apologize For

Peacemaker in "The Suicide Squad" would be near the bottom of this list, but in the series, he really is trying to become a better person. Sure, he's still the friend that you know you're going to have to apologize for, but he's doing his best and doesn't throw a tantrum if you call him out on it (most of the time). 

Peacemaker spent most of his life being a bully in order to shield himself from his own pain, and he's still learning how to treat others. That makes him a very frustrating friend to have, but he's loyal to the death and has shown throughout the course of the series that he's capable of real empathy. In the end he proves that he's a great friend to have — even though he's never had a (human) friend before and this is all very confusing for him. 

7. Vigilante is the Wild Card

Every crew has a wild card. There's one friend who is always a potential problem, but you never know when or how that problem's going to appear. The wild card keeps everyone on their toes and ensures that life never gets too boring, and in the 11th Street Kids, that wild card is Adrian, A.K.A. Vigilante. 

Vigilante is genuinely sociopathic and has a hard time with feelings, but he's at least trying not to be a total monster. Through the first few episodes his friendship with Peacemaker seems more like a weird obsession, but we soon realize that Peacemaker is all Vigilante's got. He doesn't have any other friends, and he's willing to get himself thrown in prison and fight a whole gang of white supremacists if it means that he might be able to make his only friend feel less sad. Vigilante is complicated, and hopefully we'll get to see him grow more in season 2. Because if "Peacemaker" has taught us anything, it's that just about everybody is worthy of redemption

8. Judomaster is the Frenemy

Judomaster (Nhut Le) doesn't get very many lines of dialogue, but he still seems like kind of a fun guy to have around. He knows how to banter with the best of them, beats up bullies, and has great taste in snack food. (Flamin' Hot Cheetos for life!) 

The antagonistic relationship between Peacemaker and Judomaster is a lot of fun. Sure, they beat the crud out of each other and Adebayo even shoots poor Judomaster, but they're superheroes and villains, that's kind of their whole deal. You might not invite a friend like Judomaster to your niece's piano recital, but if you throw a full-blown rager he just might make it on the e-mail list. I bet Judomaster can do some serious keg stands. 

9. Amanda Waller is the Toxic Boss You Finally Bailed On

Amanda Waller is the 11th Street Kids' boss and Adebayo's mother, and she's a cruel mistress. She sacrifices Rick Flag in "The Suicide Squad," ordering Peacemaker to kill him, and then turns around and frames Peacemaker for everything Project Butterfly does in the name of stopping the butterfly invasion. She's ruthless, and thinks only of the bottom line when she makes decisions. 

At the end of season 1, even Adebayo has decided she's done with Waller's machinations, revealing her secrets on live television. The only one still working for Belle Reve is Economos, and he might not be in his crummy position for too long if Waller faces any serious fallout. Sometimes people in your life are truly toxic and you have to cut them loose, even if they're family. 

10. Auggie Smith is the Relative Who Keeps Trying to Get You to Reply to his Racist Tweets

Most of us have a racist relative that sends us inappropriate memes or conspiracy theories on social media, no matter how many times we block them or lock our accounts. Auggie Smith represents those annoying ancestors: a perpetually grimacing grandpa whose understanding of global politics probably comes from a man selling growth supplements and raw water. Peacemaker even tries to shut his dad out permanently, killing him in the season's penultimate episode, but he's back in the form of visions or a ghost or something, just like those relatives and their spam. Seriously, Uncle Fred, I don't want to hear about the deep state. 

The complete first season of "Peacemaker" is now streaming on HBO Max.