Wonder Twins Movie, Activate! Adam Sztykiel Will Write And Direct The DC Film

Wonder Twin power, activate! Form of ... a live-action movie?! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the sibling superheroes will soon star in their own live-action film written and directed by Adam Sztykiel, who also worked on the upcoming "Black Adam" film starring Dwayne Johnson. The Wonder Twins first became popular as the younger teammates of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman on Hanna-Barbera's "The All-New Super Friends Hour" in 1977, though their popularity spiked again in the early 2000s due to some snarky shorts on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, poking fun at the duo's hilariously mismatched powers. Over the years, they've appeared in the "Super Friends" comic and on episodes of "Teen Titans Go!", "Smallville," and "The Flash." Now they're getting a movie all of their very own, exclusively for HBO Max.

The Wild and Weird Wonder Twins

The folks at DC have figured out that characters don't have to be household names like Batman or Superman to draw audiences, and are clearly hoping fans will be thirsty for what the Wonder Twins have on tap. The Wonder Twins are alien siblings Zan and Jayna, who are able to change their shape as long as they shout their catch-phrase, "Wonder Twin power, activate!" beforehand. For Jayna, that means she can turn into any animal in the world, including those that have gone extinct like dinosaurs and saber-toothed tigers. For Zan, that means he can turn into different states of water. It's about as useless a power as you'd expect, and I pray that the new series squeezes out every drop of potential comedy. The twins also have limited telepathy and are able to tell when the other one is injured. 

The announcement did not contain any casting information, so there's no telling who will be portraying the wondrous twins. On "Smallville," Zan was played by David Gallagher ("Seventh Heaven") and Jayna was played by Allison Sagliotti ("Eureka"). The duo were introduced in season 9 as super-fans of The Blur, A.K.A. Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El. They so desperately want to be good that they end up causing a lot of trouble for ole Supes, though in the end they become proper heroes in their own right. It would be interesting if a pair of acting siblings were cast as the twins, though that might make casting extra tricky. The only real requirement is that whoever ends up playing Zan better have a good sense of humor, because they're going to be the butt of a lot of water jokes. 

"Wonder Twins" will be produced by Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey of Temple Hill ("The Twilight Saga," "Love, Simon"). The plot for the film is being kept top secret, as are any connections to other DC properties. Sztykiel has worked with Warner Bros. extensively, including on "Due Date," "We're the Millers," "Rampage," "Scoob!", and the upcoming "Spy Guys." This will be his directorial debut.

Here's hoping the Wonder Twins movie makes a splash whenever it lands at HBO Max.