The Best Ivan Reitman Movies And Where To Stream Them

With the death of iconic director Ivan Reitman, the film community has collectively experienced an incalculable loss. Not only did Reitman make his name directing some of the most beloved studio comedies of all time, but he produced a handful of underground gems, from David Cronenberg's 1975 directorial breakthrough "Shivers" to the 1981 animated sci-fi anthology "Heavy Metal." While Reitman's contribution across genres proves his unyielding commitment to cinema in all of its forms, this might be the time to revisit some of his most beloved comedic works — and maybe manage to crack a smile or a chuckle despite the depressing news.

Here's where you can stream some of the filmmaker's best directorial work, with a few notable exceptions for titles not currently hosted on streaming services. Once again, the benefits of owning physical media continue to make themselves clear. But hey, let's skip the lecture and get right into it.


Where to Stream: Tubi, IMDb TV, and The Roku Channel 

The film that effectively put both Reitman and longtime recurring collaborator Bill Murray on the map, "Meatballs" endures as a comedy classic. Murray plays Tripper, a Canadian camp counselor in a state of arrested development, finding that he is only slightly more mature than the youngsters he's tasked with safeguarding for the summer. He bonds with Rudy (Chris Makepeace), an awkward camper who feels alienated from his peers — who also notices Tripper's affection for Roxanne (Kate Lynch), a fellow counselor at Camp Northstar. Summer hijinks ensue, including an Olympiad competition against a rival camp. Mimic the feeling of catching a classic comedy on cable by streaming on Tubi, IMDb TV or The Roku Channel — you'll have to sit through ads, but it might just add to the easy-watching atmosphere.


Where to Stream: Netflix

Another Reitman-Murray comedy that focuses on an immature protagonist, "Stripes" is one of the most universally acclaimed comedies of all time. In fact, this past September, the film celebrated its 40th anniversary via a theatrical re-release featuring an introduction from Reitman and Murray themselves. The film follows a cabbie named John Winger (Murray) who loses his job, apartment, car, and girlfriend in the span of a few hours — and decides to enroll in the Army to get his life back on track. Of course, John can't help but royally mess up, barely getting through basic training before becoming embroiled in a full-blown military scandal. You can easily stream this iconic comedy on Netflix, which is highly recommended.

Kindergarten Cop

Where to Stream: Peacock

After catching up with the rom-com event of the season "Marry Me," you can quickly flip through Peacock and boot up "Kindergarten Cop," a movie this writer deems as criminally underrated. I mean, who wouldn't want to witness Arnold Schwarzenegger fumbling through childcare, only to come out the other side adoring his kindergarten cohorts so much he contemplates switching careers? Schwarzenegger plays undercover cop John Kimble, who disguises himself as a kindergarten teacher to get close to ruthless drug dealer Cullen Crisp's (Richard Tyson) former wife and estranged son, offering them protection in exchange for testifying against Crisp. It's honestly a very sweet, incredibly funny story of conflicting passions and subverting expectations — a perfect watch for a lazy afternoon or a cozy night in.


Where to Stream: Hoopla

A more calculated political commentary than some of Reitman's earlier works, "Dave" follows presidential impersonator Dave Kovic (Kevin Kline), who is scouted by the Secret Service to impersonate the president after a speech as a security precaution. When the POTUS suffers a stroke mid-coitus, Dave is tasked with keeping up the charade that appears to be for the benefit of covering up the president's affair with a staffer. Earnest yet hilarious, "Dave" was met with critical acclaim upon its release. It also feels oddly prescient considering it was released the same year Bill Clinton was sworn into office, and three years before the scandal surrounding Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's affair. You can watch this gem on Hoopla, which is free depending on if your local library branch has access to the streamer.

No Strings Attached

Where to Stream: Paramount+

Finally, a film I distinctly remember catching in theaters! This 2011 rom-com features Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher playing buddies who decide to experiment with a "no strings attached" relationship, meaning they engage in sexual activities together while promising that neither will develop romantic feelings for the other. Of course, with two beautiful single people sharing vulnerabilities in the bedroom and beyond, love is bound to weasel its way into the relationship — but who's complaining? An absolutely perfect Valentine's Day watch, I highly suggest you settle in for a Paramount+ movie night, featuring "No Strings Attached," a heart-shaped box of chocolate, and maybe even a friend who could be so much more if you both just let your guard down a little.


Where to Stream: Cinemax Go

David Duchovny hive, rise up! For many of us who were too young to watch "The X-Files" in the '90s and early aughts, "Evolution" was our first foray into Duchovny as a hunky alien-obsessed academic. Though it was originally to be a straight-forward science-fiction horror film, Reitman had the script revamped into a comedy more fitting for the director's oeuvre. It chronicles the exploration of a meteorite crash site in the Arizona desert, spearheaded by local college professors Ira Kane (Duchovny) and Harry Block (Orlando Jones), though they're quickly joined by klutzy CDC doctor Allison Reed (Julianne Moore). Predictably, the meteorite and the crater it produces begin to harbor and spawn alien lifeforms, which morph into increasingly threatening entities. The trio are tasked with keeping this seeming invasion under control — but it's clear the aliens are adapting and evolving quickly, making their mission all the more difficult. Stream this creature feature on Cinemax Go if you're a subscriber.

Six Days, Seven Nights

Where to Stream: IMDb TV (with ads), Cinemax Go

An adventure film featuring star-crossed lovers, pirates, and prospective fashion shoots in the South Pacific, "Six Days, Seven Nights" isn't one of Reitman's most critically heralded films, but is nonetheless an interesting and intense addition to the director's filmography. Robin (Anne Heche) is a New York-based editor for a fashion magazine who is surprised by her boyfriend Frank (David Schwimmer) with a week-long vacation on the island of Makatea. They're joined by a middle-aged pilot named Quinn (Harrison Ford) and his younger girlfriend Angelica (Jacqueline Obradors). Asked by her editor to head to Tahiti for a fashion show, Robin asks Quinn to quickly fly her out — but their plane is hit by lightning and badly damaged, forcing them to crash-land on an island unknown to either of them. Available to stream with ads on IMDb TV or without ads on Cinemax Go, there are a few options for watching this lesser-known Reitman.

Fathers' Day

Where to Stream: Kanopy

Reitman's take on a French comedy titled "Les Compères" features three of the most treasured comedy actors of all time (Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and another dramatic actress who has occupied some distinctive roles. Lawyer Jack (Crystal) and writer Dale (Williams) are two former lovers of Collette (Nastassja Kinski, "Cat People," "Paris, Texas") who are each asked to track down her runaway teenage son. They are individually told by Collete they are the boy's father in order to lure him back home, but when the two men run into each other on the road, they decide to team up to find the boy and uncover the true identity of his father along the way. Though "Fathers' Day" was a critical and commercial flop, it is nonetheless worth the watch for its stacked cast and cameos from all of the Reitman children. Plus, it's streaming via "thoughtful entertainment" platform Kanopy, so that alone supports the film's enduring cultural significance.

Reitman Films Not Currently Available to Stream

Unfortunately, a few of Reitman's works aren't available to freely stream at all. Arguably his most famous film is the original "Ghostbusters," which currently isn't hosted anywhere to stream. However, it's available to rent on Vudu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Apple TV and Google Play, so if you're unworried about shelling out a few bucks to sit down and enjoy one of the classics, that's always an option. Similarly, Reitman's films "Legal Eagles," "Twins," "Ghostbusters II," "Junior" and "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" are all available to rent on one platform or another, so technically none of the director's films are totally inaccessible to us. Whatever ignites your intrigue, it's always the perfect time to settle in with an Ivan Reitman movie — surely now more than ever.