'Kindergarten Cop' Reunion: Arnold Schwarzenegger Surprises The Kids He Told To Shut Up

It's been 30 years since Kindergarten Cop turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into an undercover cop forced to deal with a kindergarten class of hilariously inappropriate and rambunctious children. At the time, Schwarzenegger was at the height of his action superstar fame thanks to movies like The Terminator, Commando, and Predator, so seeing him tower over a group of wild children was absolutely hilarious.

After 30 years, Schwarzenegger is probably still towering over these kids, but maybe not as much since they're all grown up, as you can see in a virtual Kindergarten Cop reunion that recently took place. In fact, the reunion is made all the more fun because after the grown up kids reminisce about making the movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger shows up to surprise them. Check it out!

Kindergarten Cop Reunion

Yahoo rounded up some of the most famous kids from Astora Elementary School, starting with Christian Cousins, one one-half of the twin brothers who played the lead kid, Dominic. Sibling Joseph Cousins wasn't involved with the reunion, but thankfully, there were plenty of other grown up child stars to fill the time.Miko Hughes, who was quite the prominent child star of the 1980s and 1990s, appearing in Pet Sematary and Full House, was a real scene stealer with his famous, matter-of-fact lines, "Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina." Hughes was only three years old at the time of production, so he actually doesn't remember much. In fact, he hasn't even seen the movie in its entirety.

Christian & Joseph Cousins weren't the only twins on set either. Twin sisters Krystle & Tiffany Mataras were given their own memorable lines when Schwarzenegger has the kids play the game "Who is your daddy, and what does he do?" The twin sisters respond with the awkward line, "Our mom says our dad's a real sex machine." Funnily enough, the Mataras sisters were actually in line to potentially have the lead role in the movie when director Ivan Reitman was still trying to determine whether the lead kid role should be a boy or a girl.

Adam Wylie was another co-star who was also up for the lead role before being relegated to the young supporting cast. In fact, Wylie's character Larry originally had a subplot in the movie that was completely cut out. Larry would have turned out to be a red herring of sorts because Schwarzenegger's character would have originally thought he was Dominic somehow, apparently because he was traumatized by his father and would only repeat, "Ooo-cuts." But everything involving that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Finally, the Kindergarten Cop reunion also has Brian Wagner, who is very proud of the fact that he's the only person to ever spit food on Arnold Schwarzenegger and get away with it. Of course, he got dropped onto the floor 17 times for his trouble. Thankfully, it was a softer soundstage floor, and Wagner didn't recall ever being hurt by the repeated takes.

All the cast members have fun stories about being on the set so many years ago, and this entire Kindergarten Cop reunion is worth watching if you have the time.