New Moon Knight Images Show Off A Slick Costume, A Villainous Ethan Hawke, And An Unhinged Oscar Isaac

"Moon Knight" fans are having a grand old time, considering the bonkers teaser trailer that dropped at the Super Bowl, granting an exclusive look at the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, and the extent of the labyrinth that surrounds Oscar Isaac's mild-mannered gift shop employee Steven Grant. Given the inherent nature of the core narrative, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige's description of the show as "brutal," fans can expect a much darker, grittier show that might just leave no stone unturned. 

And guess what? Exclusive new images from "Moon Knight," as released by Marvel on their Instagram and Twitter accounts, capture the exact tone of the upcoming Disney+ limited series: the unraveling of ancient mysteries at the brink of sanity and the unavoidable embracing of chaos.

Here's a deeper look into every new image revealed, and what it potentially reveals about "Moon Knight," Ethan Hawke's menacing Arthur Harrow, and an extremely confused, unhinged Steven Grant.

A Knight On A Killing Spree

This, of course, is Steven/Marc embracing the alter-go of Moon Knight, although it is unclear as to which one of his identities are in charge when he dons this persona. This shot is the aftermath of taking out a potential group of attackers, which makes sense as he his primary role is that of a masked vigilante. 

This warrants comparisons to Batman, due to the retribution-seeking aspect that runs through both characters. However, the origin of Moon Knight as a persona is markedly more hinged on pathos, involving a heroic sacrifice and a subsequent resurrection bound by duty. We also get a full-length glimpse into his superhero costume, which, as per the "Moon Knight" comics, include Kevlar armor and a glider cloak that helps him descend from great heights, steering his fall.

Who The Hell Am I?

While the trailer and exclusive peeks have not explicitly touched upon this aspect, Marc has dissociative identity disorder (DID), which triggers the existence of his many alters, including Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, and Mr. Knight. Per the "Moon Knight" trailer, Steven is a museum gift-shop employee on the verge of losing his mind, as he experiences gaps in his memory, along with visions that further complicate the question about his identity. Reflections are a visual confirmation of who we are and who we stand for — what happens when our reflections have a mind of their own? With the beginning of Steven's dissociation, it is safe to say that he will be forced to reckon his true destiny: acting as Khonshu's fist and high priest (if Khonshu exists at all, that is).

The God of Vengeance

Steven/Marc seems to be face to face with none other than Khonshu, the nocturnal God of the Moon, represented by the crescent moon symbol, which stands for the redemptive power of "insubordination, femininity and sensitivity" (as per the comics). Khonshu was a member of the Heliopolitan race of gods who lived in an extradimensional realm, which is adjacent to Earth. As Khonshu was worshipped by the people of ancient Egypt, and he is unable to enter the earthly plane on his own, he chose a champion throughout history: the lone warrior named "Moon Knight." This begs the question: how exactly does Marc become a champion for Khonshu, and why is he chosen as the almighty god's lone warrior? Will the truth weigh on Marc's subconscious, and will he be strong enough to embrace the chaos?

Just A 'Spector'

Steven seems to have no recollection of his core identity, Marc Spector, who used to be a part of the Marines, and later a mercenary almost left for dead during one of his missions. This is the exact juncture wherein he is forced to confront his identity as Marc, and chances are that he might already be getting flashbacks of his existence as Marc. During his life as a mercenary, Marc spent several years alongside close confidant Jean-Paul DuChamp, also known as Frenchie, and it is unclear as to whether this character will be present in the Disney+ series to help jog his memory. 

No Sleep For Those Who Avenge

Poor Oscar Isaac. Living out one's days as an unassuming everyman, only to be jolted back to the mammoth responsibility of being a mighty Egyptian god's tool for vengeance can rob the best of us of sleep. The psychological toll on Steven/Marc is clear, as it is complex to navigate who you are when you do not exactly know who you are. Does Marc/Steven retain the memories of the nights of brutal beatings/killings as Moon Knight? If this is indeed the case, the moral implications of this is huge, given each one of his alters are bound to react differently to his purpose as an avenger. 

'There's Chaos In You'

Here's another look into Dr. Harrow's creepy character, which will be markedly different from the one featured in the "Moon Knight" comics. Dr. Harrow only appears in the second issue of Volume 2, in which he is a genius researcher who specialized in pain tolerance, using human test subjects against their will for heinous experiments. While the lore surrounding Harrow is clear, his role in the Disney+ show seems to be more sinister and pronounced, as the character seems to be based on a real-life cult leader. While it is too early to speculate, Harrow would very well be the leader of a modern-day Cult of Khonshu, potentially harboring twisted motivations of his own.

The Illusion Shatters?

Last, but definitely not least, we get a glimpse of Steven inside the museum, wherein the mirror reflects two personas, a possible reference to Marc's DID. As it is difficult to parse whether Marc's visions are a result of Khonshu's direct correspondence or a result of his mental illness, the core narrative is expected to tread the line in a sensitive manner, while staying faithful to the core of the character. 

The image also features a golden sarcophagus of sorts, connecting the thread of his calling to the ancient mythos of Khonshu, the details of which can only be unraveled over the much-anticipated six-part series.

"Moon Knight" premieres on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.