DC 2022 Movie Slate Sneak Preview: Aquaman 2, Black Adam, And The Flash Footage Revealed

Quite the surprise has been dropped on us today as DC has revealed footage from its entire slate of movies coming our way in 2022. This includes "The Batman," "Black Adam," "The Flash," and "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom." It is an awful lot being packed into a relatively short promo, giving us a rich taste of what we have coming down the pipeline. Let's have a look!

The World Needs Heroes Trailer

Much of the footage from "The Batman" is stuff we've seen in previous trailers. Since that movie is coming out in just a few weeks with tickets already on sale, that's not too surprising. But it's the rest that is well worth raising an eyebrow over. For one, we get a much better look at Dwayne Johnson in "Black Adam," as well as his supporting cast as the Justice Society of America. Rather importantly, this footage includes Pierce Brosnan in a cape as Doctor Fate. What a time to be alive!

While we did get a little teaser for "The Flash" at last year's DC FanDome, we get much more footage of Ezra Miller's solo adventure as Barry Allen in this preview, including a great look at his new suit. We also get some voiceover from Michael Keaton, who returns as Batman for the first time in decades. Additionally, we get our first glimpse at actual footage from the much-anticipated "Aquaman" sequel, "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom," which recently wrapped filming under the direction of James Wan. Jason Momoa has a fancy new suit that we had previously only seen in photos; it's another thing entirely to see it in action.

DC's Big Year

The point being made by this teaser trailer is crystal clear: this could be DC's biggest year cinematically ever, and they are trying to make that point in flashy fashion. This is the first solo "Batman" movie in nearly a decade. "The Flash" is getting his first ever solo movie in live-action. The Rock is finally becoming a superhero (or anti-hero to be more accurate). We're getting a sequel to the highest-grossing DC film of all time. This is a packed slate and this trailer makes a big statement.

"The Batman" is up first hitting theaters on March 4, with "Black Adam" next on deck as it will debut firmly in the summer movie season on July 29. "The Flash" arrives on November 4 and, last but not least, "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" will wash up in theaters on December 16 to round out 2022.