Fresh Trailer: Daisy-Edgar Jones And Sebastian Stan Star In This Twisted Romance

An unending barrage of poor dating matches. Unsolicited nudes. Dinner dates dripping with cringe. Mimi Cave's directorial debut "Fresh" tackles the pitfalls of the modern dating scene. The story is told particularly from a straight woman's perspective: Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) is like any woman of today, gingerly but desperately trying to gauge whether the man sitting across from her was raised right, or if he's trying to picture her head on a stick. What begins as a rom-com (complete with a grocery store meet-cute) takes a sharp turn into harder genre territory in what /Film's Shania Russell calls a "shameless and hilariously audacious" first effort from Cave.

Directed by Cave from an original screenplay by Lauryn Kahn, "Fresh" stars Daisy Edgar-Jones ("Normal People"), Sebastian Stan ("Captain America: The Winter Soldier"), Jojo T. Gibbs ("Twenties"), Charlotte Le Bon ("The Hundred-Foot Journey"), Andrea Bang ("Kim's Convenience") and Dayo Okeniyi ("The Hunger Games"). The film is produced by Legendary Pictures and HyperObject Industries' Kevin Messick, Adam McKay, and Maeve Cullinane. Following its Sundance debut in January of 2022, the film now awaits a March release on Hulu's streaming service.

The synopsis, per Searchlight Pictures:

Tired of scrolling through countless apps and sitting through a string of bad dates, a disillusioned Noa (Edgar-Jones) is caught off guard by the refreshingly straight-forward Steve (Stan) during her late-night grocery run. Not expecting to find love in the produce aisle, Noa falls hard for the charms of her attractive new suitor, much to the surprise of her skeptical best friend Mollie (Gibbs). Steve sweeps Noa off her feet and takes her on a weekend getaway, but Noa soon discovers that Steve has been hiding troubling appetites, and her dream weekend quickly turns into a nightmare.

Check out the "Fresh" trailer below.

Fresh Trailer

While this writer awaits the movie's release like everyone else, one /Film contributor got a chance to check the movie out at Sundance. Keeping the plot vague because there's allegedly plenty of narrative ebb and flow to potentially spoil, Shania Russell praises the self-awareness:

Told from a distinctly female perspective, "Fresh" spotlights the fears simmering beneath each step of the dating process. Not just the dread of walking home in the dead of night — though the tangible woes certainly don't go ignored — I'm talking about the phantom fears that never cease to linger. Who is that person sitting across from you at the table? How much of them is real? How carefully have they been curated? And if you allow yourself to get swept up in the romance, how long until it comes crashing down? "Fresh" demonstrates its understanding with slick style and wry humor, attuned to everything from genre conventions to sexual politics.

"Fresh" will stream exclusively at Hulu on March 4, 2022.