Paddington 3 Will Shoot By The End Of The Year, Says Ben Whishaw

Attention all fans of perfect furry heroes who look absolutely dashing in sou'wester hats or while making marmalade: I've got bad news and good news. The bad news is that while we previously reported that "Paddington 3" would be shooting sometime this summer, we've recently learned that is no longer the case. Now, now, hold your tears, because the good news is that "Paddington 3" is still happening, and production is expected to begin by the end of the year. Delays are always a bummer, especially for a franchise that may be responsible for the only boosts of serotonin any of us have gotten in the last decade, but we must be strong for our dear Paddington. It's what he would want.

The voice of Paddington Bear, Ben Whishaw, confirmed with that "Paddington 3" is still on the way, doing so in the middle of an interview for the new medical dramedy "This is Going to Hurt." Look, I don't care what project he's promoting, if I had the chance to talk to Paddington Bear, by god I'd ask about all things "Paddington" too. Fortunately, Whishaw is a good sport about it all and is more than happy to talk about "Paddington 3," that is, as long as you're an adult human. 

"Occasionally a parent will point out to me to a child and I can see the bafflement on their faces, because how can I possibly be Paddington?" said Whishaw. "It doesn't make any sense to them and to try to explain that I'm the voice of Paddington is even more confusing for their minds. Bless them."

Paddington Bear: Savior of the People

This confirmation from Whishaw is a huge relief because for a while there, it seemed like we weren't going to get another installment with our fuzzy hero. The brilliance of these movies is that while they're inarguably written with families in mind, the "Paddington" films aren't afraid to tackle complicated issues like immigration or the need for prison reform. Too often we feel that systemic issues are "too much" for children to handle, but the "Paddington" films prove that as long as the information is presented in a manageable way, even the littlest of viewers will feel compelled to stand up for what is right.

It was sadly confirmed in 2020 that director Paul King would not be returning for the third installment, an announcement many of us are still mourning. Fortunately, King has agreed to be a part of "Paddington 3" in some capacity, so I'm sure his influence balancing humor, heart, and absolute delight will still be felt in the final product. No matter when it finally arrives, "Paddington 3" will be exactly on time — there's no wrong time for a visit from Paddington Bear.