Love, Victor's Season 3 Will End The Series

All's well that ends well, and so we bid adieu to Hulu's queer teen comedy series, "Love Victor." The third season was given the go-ahead last July, but shortly after announcing that production had begun, we've learned that the eight-episode third season will be the show's last. The show will drop on Hulu smack-dab in the middle of Pride Month, with the final season available on June 15, 2022. The spin-off series following the events of the film "Love, Simon," "Love, Victor" was centered on Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino), a new student at Creekwood High school who seeks Simon's advice when coming to terms with his own sexuality. The first two seasons of the show allowed room for Victor to grow into his own, including his relationship with the out-and-proud Benji (George Sear) and the season 2 cliffhanger involving his newly formed crush on Rahim (Anthony Keyvan).

The show quickly developed a solid fanbase on Hulu and has consistently received positive reviews from critics, despite the initial backlash regarding Michael Cimino being a straight actor playing gay. ("Love, Simon" star Nick Robinson is also straight, for what it's worth.) "Love, Victor" isn't reinventing the wheel of coming-of-age teen romance stories, but its focus on not just a queer kid, but a queer kid of color, is still a groundbreaking achievement worthy of celebration.

Saying Goodbye to Victor and His Love

"Love, Victor" is just the latest Hulu show to end after three-seasons, and with the shortened episode number this season, it seems like the show creators knew this day was coming. Fortunately, this likely means that the show will end with a cohesive conclusion, unlike the shows that prematurely get the plug pulled. According to Hulu's logline released for the final season of "Love, Victor," it's likely that the show will end at Victor's high school graduation, setting up our lil' gay baby bird to leave the nest, spread his wings, and fly off into adulthood.

Victor will go on a journey of self-discovery — not only deciding who he wants to be with but more broadly, who he wants to be. With their post-high-school-plans looming, Victor and his friends are faced with a new set of problems that they must work through to make the best choices for their futures.

The end of "Love, Victor" also means that co-showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger are now wrapping up two of their three scripted series this year, as "This is Us" is finishing up after six-seasons on NBC sometime in May. Their third show, "How I Met Your Father" debuted on Hulu in January, but a second season has yet to be determined. All three shows fall under the umbrella of Disney's 20th Television, where they recently renewed a three-year overall deal.