Dr. Evil's Super Bowl Ads Have To Be Worth One Million Dollars

Sometimes I sit back and think about the fact that we have teasers for commercials and wonder how we got here. Maybe it's best not to dwell on that for too long. General Motors has been tweeting out teases (via AV Club) for its Super Bowl commercial, and they're eeevil. Dr. Evil, in fact. Mike Myers is back as the villain from the "Austin Powers" movies, and his pinkie is up and ready for some dastardly doings. I guess selling cars is eeevil? Not to bring you down, but with supply shortages, it kind of is right now.

I suppose the eeevil (and yes, I will spell it that way for the entire story without apology to you or to my spellcheck) is mitigated somewhat by the fact that GM is doing this to promote their electric vehicles. I'm taking that from the second two teases with the hashtag ##EVerybodyIn, which feature a capitalized E and V. Myers isn't the only one who's back. 

The first one features everyone's favorite monologuing bad guy Dr. Evil, complete with his pinkie up, though there is no sign of Mr. Bigglesworth anywhere. I mean, I know it's been quite a number of years and cats don't live forever, but this is an eeevil cat with nine lives to use in dastardly ways. You know, when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, people die!

(Fun fact: The Sphynx cat that played the hairless version of Mr. Bigglesworth was named Ted Nude-Gent. The world is a happier place once you know that.)

I Have A Whole Bag Of 'Shh!' With Your Name On It

Also returning are and the founder of the militant wing of the Salvation Army Frau Farbissina (Mindy Sterling) and the not-quite-as-eeevil Scott (Seth Green), son of Dr. Evil. Aw, the entire Eeevil family is back together again! Not only that, but as I was writing this story, we got a group shot of Dr. Evil, Scott, Frau Farbissina, and the younger version of Number 2 (Rob Lowe). Maybe stay tuned to GM's Twitter account? That might not be the last one.

The films are nostalgic as hell, and I'm happy to see them back in any capacity. Of course, General Motors might be inviting a little bit of laughter with some comparisons between the word "eeevil" and the word "corporation" though. The tagline is, "Evil is back for good." Uh huh. 

As someone who watches the Super Bowl strictly for the commercials and trailers though, this is a pretty great tease. I'm sure the networks charged them one billion (because of inflation, Dr. Evil) dollars for the ad. Now, when do we get cars whose headlights are sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads? Come on, science!