We Regret To Inform You That Arnold Schwarzenegger's Zeus Project Is A BMW Super Bowl Commercial

A few days back, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a photo of himself as the Greek God Zeus in what looked like a movie poster on Instagram. Everyone was confused. Did a movie studio somehow manage to keep something this huge and extremely goofy under wraps? Was this for an NFT? Does anyone even really understand what an NFT is? Is Schwarzenegger really a god or something? Is that why he's besties with adorable animals and shares salad with them?

I am pleased to inform you that he is not a god, this is not an NFT, and we will not be sitting through "The Gods of Mount Olympus." Today we have a teaser for a new BMW Super Bowl ad featuring Schwarzenegger as Zeus, and Matty Cardarople ("Stranger Things," "A Series of Unfortunate Events") as a barista who can't get his name right. 

Zoice? Like the Greek God of Lightning?

As loathe as I am to say I'm happy about a teaser for a commercial, this is for a Super Bowl ad, which are always the biggest commercials of the year. (Be sure to stay tuned to /Film during the game for all of the big movie and TV ads.) Schwarzenegger tweeted out the teaser, joking that Cardopole could pronounce "macchiato" but not "Zeus." What's even more fun is the fact that Cardarople, who has the best deadpan ever, tweeted back at him with a lovely note about Schwarzenegger's work in "Kindergarten Cop."

Silly as this is, the entire thing delights me. Super Bowl LVI will air on Sunday, February 13, 2022, and will feature a zillion ads and new trailers, presumably including fresh looks at "Jurassic World," "Top Gun: Maverick," "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," "Lightyear," "She-Hulk," "Ms. Marvel," and "Moon Knight." 

I can't quite tell if the ad is going to be about Zeus and his lightning being really impressed by the power of a new car, or if the coffee is going to be some part of it, but as a non-sports fan (no digs here — enjoy if you love football, friends!), I'm really watching for the commercials anyway. This looks like a cute one, and effective. Zeus is the Greek god of lightning, so this is likely for an electric car. Get it? Lightning? Electricity? Yeah, you get it.