Better Call Saul Final Season Teaser: The Cousins Are Coming To Do Bad Things, But When Exactly, We Can't Say

This year's TV release schedule just got a whole lot more exciting. The final season of "Better Call Saul" is officially on the horizon, with a new promo reminding us to mark our calendars. This super-brief first footage is ominous and excellent, despite the fact that the promo doesn't actually give us a date for the season six premiere.

In a fifteen-second clip posted to Twitter, "Better Call Saul" announces its long-anticipated return. Like "Breaking Bad," the series is known for its quick, thrilling promo clips, which are often super intense despite having no context whatsoever. This one is no different. The footage opens with a pair of dark shadows crossing a wooden porch or platform. We see police and crime scene investigators outside a house, including one person crouched on the ground near evidence markers labeled "D" and "R."

The camera shows a close-up of the pair's stylish, metal-tipped boots, before capturing them from behind–wearing shiny, striking suits–as they walk calmly and silently through the middle of the crime scene. "Breaking Bad" fans will immediately recognize these two as Leonel and Marco Salamanca (Daniel and Luis Moncada), the terrifying twins who worked for the cartel. This pair has struck fear into our hearts ever since they first appeared on Vince Gilligan's series and eventually attempt to gun down Hank (Dean Norris) in a parking lot.

The Scary Twins Step Into A Crime Scene

In "Better Call Saul," the twins (also commonly called "The Cousins") have been an ominous presence lurking around the series' edges. Their last significant screen time was in the show's best episode to date, "Bagman," when they gave new cartel lawyer Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) big bags of cash for Lalo's (Tony Dalton) bail. In the new footage, they seem to be stepping into the aftermath of the show's fifth season finale, which saw Lalo dispatch several assassins while Nacho (Michael Mando) tried to make a break for it.

On first watch, this footage had me nervous for Nacho, Tuco's (Raymond Cruz) surprisingly sympathetic right-hand man whose fate was unknown at the end of the last season. Upon closer inspection, though, there doesn't seem to be blood or a body at this crime scene. The evidence markers may be for bullets or DNA, but nothing in this footage makes me think Nacho's kicked the bucket. Yet.

Coupled with the lack of release date, the "Mark your calendars" caption on this footage hints that more promos might be soon to follow. Three of the five past seasons of "Better Call Saul" have been released in April, but pandemic-era delays and Odenkirk's health scare last year may have pushed the release date back. Until we know the official release date for the new season, we'll just mark our entire calendars.