Everything We Know About The Red Notice Sequels So Far

Netflix action flick "Red Notice" may not have impressed the critics, but audiences have gone wild for the gaudy adventure starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. Smart-mouthing their way through a middling script, Johnson and Reynolds turn on the charm for a buddy-heist movie that tries a bit too hard. Throw in some glossy visuals and slick camera angles and you've got a recipe for style — if not substance.

Still, "Red Notice" has scored the biggest opening day on Netflix of all time, watched for over 129 million hours. Absolutely mind-boggling. Although Ryan Reynolds really puts his back into it, carrying the lackluster plot with his usual quips and witty asides, there's not much else to this distinctly average adventure. Sure, Dwayne Johnson brings a snarling action hero alongside Gal Gadot's slinky seductress, but is it really enough for another film?

Netflix certainly thinks so.

Netflix Greenlights Two Red Notice Sequels

It's official — "Red Notice" will be back for not one, but two sequels. The popular heist flick has proved to be the streaming equivalent of box office gold, fast becoming Netflix's biggest and most-watched movie of all time. Now, it looks as though Netflix is doubling down on its new action franchise.

Director Rawson Marshall Thurber previously hinted that he wanted to film the next two "Red Notice" films one after the other:

"If we were to make a sequel, the only responsible thing would be to make two and three back-to-back. It's such a big production, and if you can mount it one time, it will be better for everyone. Including for my mental health."

Now, it looks as though he's got his wish. The upcoming sequels are said to be filming back-to-back in 2023, based on the hectic schedules of its stars, Gadot, Johnson, and Reynolds.

But what will the "Red Notice" sequels be about?

The Ending Sets Up a Red Notice Sequel

It may not be one of the best heist movies of all time, but "Red Notice" does set up a sequel that's worth exploring.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Nolan Booth, a notorious art thief who is hounded by FBI agent and profiler John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson). Mixed up in a race for stolen artifacts with rival thief, Bishop (Gal Gadot), the pair are forced to work together. The big twist? Agent Hartley, it turns out, was never an FBI Agent. Shocker! Instead, he's a fellow criminal who's been in a relationship with Bishop the entire time.

For anyone who's been watching the movie, it's no big surprise. But by the time the credits roll, it does set up a neat dynamic between the trio as they set off to carry out a new heist which, coincidentally, requires three people to pull off. What are the odds?

Although there's no post-credits scene, there is a hint at things to come — if you can get past Netflix's annoying automatic previews.

"Don't miss me too much," says Gal Gadot's Bishop as the credits roll. "Ta-ta!"

Could this be a tease that she will be back in the "Red Notice" sequels? The quote comes from earlier in the movie and could easily be a playful nudge and wink to the audience that she will, eventually, return.

Director Rawson Marshall Thurber Has Some Ideas

"Red Notice" has its fair share of fans — at least if you believe the viewing figures. With a record-busting number of viewers, Netflix is clearly keen to get the ball rolling on its sequels.

During an interview with Collider, director Rawson Marshall Thurber revealed that he has some ideas for the "Red Notice" follow-ups:

"I'm not working on the script for a sequel... I've certainly been noodling with what I would do for a follow-up and not to tell-tale out of school but yeah Netflix... we've been having those conversations."

It's easy to see how "Red Notice" could take it up a notch for the sequel, following the exploits of the three most wanted criminals in the world as they're once again forced to band together. Cue more big action from Johnson and a bunch more one-liners from Reynolds.

It's the kind of set-up that would be box office dynamite, if Netflix had box office numbers. And Netflix is keen, too. Now, it's only a matter of time until we see the trio tackle their next big score.

What Could Red Notice 2 and 3 Be About?

There's an obvious plot thread that could be picked up in the first "Red Notice" sequel — the gang's next job. We see this hinted at in the film's final scenes, with Nolan Booth offering his pals a big opportunity, to pull off a heist that requires exactly three people.

What's this big job? Well, in the final moments of "Red Notice" we watch as the trio descends upon a famous French landmark: The Louvre.

It looks as though infamous art thief Nolan Booth is up to his old tricks again, stealing art and artifacts to order. Obviously, it's the perfect opportunity to carry on the shenanigans, with Johnson and Reynolds pairing back up with the addition of even more Gal Gadot. It's a recipe for success, surely? But it's not the only way this could go...

During their adventure, Johnson and Reynolds find their way to an abandoned Nazi bunker in the Argentinian rainforest that's filled with stolen artifacts and a rather cool 1931 Mercedes-Benz 770. We learn that Booth's father was obsessed with finding the site of these items, devoting his life to his research. This Indiana Jones-like backstory could be an interesting thread to develop in the sequel, with Interpol hot on their trail as the trio of thieves ransack the lost treasures across the globe.

Whatever happens, two more "Red Notice" sequels are going to happen. And who can blame them? Netflix would be mad not invest in a franchise based on their most-watched movie. Even if it isn't all that great. Maybe second and third time's the charm?