More Bat-Music From The Batman Is Coming To Bat-Streaming This Bat-Friday

Sometimes, a movie is only as good as its music. Robert Pattinson's take on Bruce Wayne in "The Batman" looks epic and emo in all the right ways, but the clips we've seen so far have mostly been assembled into trailer form, without the context of their specific original score. Luckily, with just over a month to go until the film hits theaters, we're finally starting to hear more snippets of the soundtrack.

A bit of the movie's original theme by Michael Giacchino was revealed last month, and simply titled "The Batman." Now, director Matt Reeves has indicated that more music from the original soundtrack will debut this Friday. The filmmaker took to Twitter to announce the new track: "More of my friend @m_giacchino's amazing music from @TheBatman is coming this Friday–follow the official playlist to hear it first."

A Riddler Theme Is Coming Bat-Soon

The image accompanying the tweet shows Paul Dano's Riddler, in his Zodiac-like dark outfit and mask, with a comically normal pair of clear glasses added on top. The song seems to be simply titled "The Riddler," which makes me think we may get new character theme drops every week leading up to the premiere.

The link in Reeves' tweet leads to an official Spotify list called "The Batman: Official Soundtrack Spotlight." In addition to Giacchino's first release, it also includes songs from past Batman flicks, and is a good reminder that these soundtracks are pretty much always stacked. Though Prince's "Partyman" is a glaring omission, the playlist includes gorgeous tracks by past Batman composers like Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, and James Newton Howard.

Giacchino seems like the natural next choice in this all-star lineup of soundtrack composers. The composer has brought several Marvel and Pixar films to life, but I'll always associate his plaintive string arrangements with the most emotional moments from "Lost." The first track from the new soundtrack certainly brings a similar sense of scale to the Bruce Wayne story. At nearly seven minutes long, "The Batman" ebbs and flows beautifully, telling an entire story — albeit one we don't know yet — through sound alone.

There's no way to guess what The Riddler's theme will sound like until we hear it, but I for one hope it shares some DNA with our masked hero's own theme, specifically the portion starting at the four minute mark. Giacchino's "The Batman" takes a turn into the ominous at that point, incorporating eerie clanging with a more traditional bit of Batman music that repeats and deepens as it builds to a crescendo. The first taste of the new score is phenomenal, so we're eager to dig in to the rest of the soundtrack as it's released.

"The Batman" will premiere in theaters March 4, 2022.