Disenchantment Part 4 Trailer: Princess Bean Has To Save Dreamland... Again

Matt Groening's medieval fantasy animated comedy "Disenchantment" is coming back for another season of hilarious hijinks. "Broad City" star Abbi Jacobson voices Princess Bean, a buck-toothed and befreckled royal rebel who would rather go get drunk with her friends than do any of her official duties. It doesn't help matters that her two best friends are an elf named Elfo (Nat Faxon) and a personal demon named Luci (Eric André), and the terrible trio are constantly in trouble. In the first three seasons, Bean discovered her destiny, saved the kingdom of Dreamland from certain doom more than once, and even had a bit of fun along the way. 

The trailer for season 4 is here, and it looks like Bean is going to have to face some of her toughest challenges yet. 

Another Season of Medieval Mayhem

At the end of season 3, Bean was crowned Queen of Dreamland when her father King Zøg (John DiMaggio) was deemed unfit to rule. The problem is that Bean isn't exactly ready to rule herself, even if she's managed to stop imminent disaster a few times. She gets most of her skills from her mother, the evil Queen Dagmar (Sharon Horgan), but thankfully she got her heart from dear old dad. She's torn between her parents, her desires, and her dreams for Dreamland. This season will see Queen Dagmar's return, which will be plenty of trouble for our newly crowned queen and her court of idiots. Unfortunately, it looks like she'll also be dealing with an elf revolution and her personal demon losing his head. Things just never get easier for Beanie, do they? 

"Disenchantment" is a ridiculous romp with a surprising amount of heart. The series subverts fantasy tropes at every turn: the elves are closer to Keebler than Tolkien, for starters, and Bean isn't like any other fantasy princess you've ever seen. She's weird, loud, awkward, and has serious daddy issues, but over the course of the first three seasons we've watched her grow into a brave leader for her people. She's going to need all of the skills she's learned and all of the friends she's made if she's going to survive everything coming at her this season from the look of things, but it wouldn't be "Disenchantment" without impossible odds.

The show hews closer to Groening's "Futurama" than "The Simpsons," tonally and comedically, with characters that will capture a piece of your heart and surprisingly deep themes about family, identity, and more. I absolutely love "Disenchantment" and can't wait to see what Queen Bean gets up to when the series returns to Netflix on February 9, 2022.