In From The Cold Teaser: A Super-Powered Former Russian Spy Fights Back

The streaming TV landscape is a wild place: Sometimes new series arrive after months of anticipation, and other times they appear out of thin air. This week in "shows you didn't know were coming and might need the weekend to binge," we present "In From The Cold."

If you've been aching to fill that "The Americans" void since the FX series ended in 2018, this might just be the fix you're looking for. Sort of. It's an action-packed thriller featuring a retired Russian spy who's hiding away in suburbia with a teenage daughter. That checks more than a few of the same boxes. But based on the series trailer, "In From The Cold" isn't exactly a slow burn for our protagonist, because juggling family life and her very dangerous secret involves wielding guns, getting in high-speed car chases, and lots of running away while being shot at. You can check out the teaser trailer below.

In From The Cold Trailer

Margarita Levieva stars as Jenny AKA Anya AKA "The Whisper," who goes from lethal assassin to inconspicuous suburban mom and back again. After years of retirement, during which she had a daughter and settled down in New Jersey, Jenny's cover is blown. Enlisted by CIA agent Chauncey (Cillian O' Sullivan), Jenny is asked to come out of retirement (aka come in from the cold) and help solve a string of mysterious murders. In the hopes of keeping her cover under wraps and her daughter out of harm's way, Jenny agrees and The Whisper gets back in action. Here's a more detailed synopsis, per Netflix:

During a European vacation with her daughter, an American single mom's life is turned upside down when the CIA forces her to confront her long-buried past as a Russian spy who was also the product of a highly classified KGB experiment granting her special abilities. After a mysterious string of manic and murderous incidents suggests someone with her exact abilities is targeting innocent people, Jenny (Margarita Levieva) is forced out of hiding to stop this villain or risk losing the family and new life she has built.

"In From The Cold" also stars Charles Brice, Lydia Fleming, Ivanna Sakhno, and Stasya Miloslavskaya. The series, which comes from writer, showrunner, and executive producer Adam Glass ("The Chi," "Supernatural," and "Criminal Minds"), was co-directed by Ami Canaan Mann and Brigitte Stærmose. The teaser hints at a full-blown transformation for Jenny: beyond just strapping on guns and a kickass spy costume, her entire demeanor changes as she tests out some old skills. I'm sure her ability to shape-shift from one person to another won't raise any alarm bells for her daughter, though. As we all know, TV drama parents trying to keep secrets from their teenagers always goes wonderfully well, so I'm guessing Jenny's story has the happiest of endings. 

If you're earnestly awaiting answers on how exactly Jenny will go full-blown spy without wrecking her family life, I have great news: "In From The Cold" dropped today! All eight episodes are currently streaming on Netflix.