Uncharted Featurette Reveals The Toughest Stunt Tom Holland Has Ever Done

Tom Holland has been involved in plenty of stunts over the past few years, beginning with his acrobatic Spider-Man audition. Despite his action-heavy role in six Marvel movies and counting, the actor has revealed that his most intense stunt work to date was done outside the Spidey suit.

The stunt in question was performed for "Uncharted," the long-awaited adaptation of the popular video game series of the same name. Holland will play a young Nathan Drake, an adventurer on a quest to find a hidden treasure. In a new featurette, he digs into one of the film's most impressive set pieces and the action that went into making it come to life.

See Tom Spin

In the scene in question, Drake is yanked out of the back of a plane, attached by his ankle to a chain of fully-stocked pallet boards. It's unclear what's in these boxes, but they look heavy, and seem to be attached to a parachute on one end. Holland describes the making of the scene, saying:

"At times I'd be like a hundred feet in the air, attached to a box that was spinning, and then I would basically hang on until it would throw me off. And it was really scary, but I think that level of fear just makes that scene that much more authentic. It's the hardest action sequence I've ever made."

In behind-the-scenes clips, the actor really does look like he's clinging to the boxes for dear life. Footage shows him attached to wires, first dangling from his ankle, then spinning head-over-feet in rapid circles. Another shot shows the actor flying backwards and being flipped off the boxes, with his head seeming to make contact with the prop in the process. Holland is right: this does look scary.

Holland says the scene took five weeks to film, which seems like an incredibly long time to be hanging around in the air. But it seems par for the course when considering the long and winding path "Uncharted" has taken to theaters. The film has been in development in one form or another since 2008, and Tom Holland joined the cast of the latest iteration of the project in 2017. The film has since reportedly had to undergo reshoots along with COVID-19 related shooting delays.

Luckily, Holland is safe and sound with his feet back on the ground, and though expectations for the movie have been tempered by its time in production limbo, the sequence in question actually looks exciting. "Uncharted' will be released in theaters February 18, 2022.