Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock Showrunners Already Have Ideas For Season 2 [Exclusive]

Outside of the proper Muppets, "Fraggle Rock" might be Jim Henson's most roundly beloved creation, and the show has officially been brought back thanks to the folks at Apple TV+. Debuting last week, "Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock" is a revival of the classic series, with Red, Boober, Gobo, and the whole gang back for more adventures, surely to the delight of younger viewers and older folks (such as myself) looking for a little nostalgia kick.

The guys behind the revival are Alex Cuthbertson and Matt Fusfeld, former "American Dad" writers who have been entrusted with managing Henson's legacy in the streaming era. I recently had the chance to sit down with the showrunners to discuss "Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock" (you can check out our full chat here). I asked them if they sort of threw everything they had at this first season, or if they already had plans for a second season. Fusfeld had this to say:

"Well, no. Just the way this business works, I feel like we could get a call at any time to be like, "What are you thinking for season 2?" So, I think that it is incumbent upon us to be ready with some nuggets of ideas. But then, I think what Alex was going to say is, it is such a collaborative process that we would come in with a season two idea, and then in the writer's room, talk it out and figure it out. It would evolve and perhaps change to something completely different. Is that what you were going to say?"

Speaking further, Cuthbertson chimed in adding:

"Totally that, and then also what you're saying of throwing it all against the wall. We definitely didn't hold back in doing this season, but in breaking up these stories, what we kept coming back to is that there was more we wanted to do. There's more and more and more. So, even out of things that we didn't have the chance to do in season 1, there's already such an amazing starting place for season 2. What's so cool about this world is that there is a new world behind every cave, behind every tunnel. It did feel so exciting that there was this much that we could do in season one, yet it does feel also like we barely scratched the surface."

This Feels Likely

As of this writing, Apple has not weighed in on whether or not a second season of the "Fraggle Rock" reboot is in the cards. That having been said, it seems likely. Apple TV+ is trying to compete in the streaming game with giants such as Netflix, Disney+, and many others. Recognizable franchises are hard to come by. Shows that can do well with both younger viewers and people who could view it through a nostalgic lens are especially rare. That makes the show seemingly valuable. After speaking with the actual Fraggles from the show, I can tell you the nostalgia at play here is very real.

Beyond that, critics have loved it thus far, as the first season boasts an unblemished 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So, while Apple doesn't really disclose viewership figures, if audiences seek it out, expect to spend more time playing down in Fraggle Rock in the future.

"Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock" is streaming now on Apple TV+.

Jim Henson's fun-loving, musical Fraggles are back! Join Gobo, Red, Wembley, Mokey, Boober, and new Fraggle friends on hilarious, epic adventures about the magic that happens when we celebrate and care for our interconnected world.